Redskins select Trent Williams, Tress Way, Dashon Goldson as captains

ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Redskins elected three captains -- and two of them are new, with one having joined the team in the spring.

The Redskins players elected punter Tress Way (special teams), safety Dashon Goldson (defense) and left tackle Trent Williams (offense) as their captains this season.

Here's a look at each player:

Way: He's an upbeat guy, very excited and happy to be in the NFL. Nobody had more fun playing for the Redskins last season, partly because he enjoyed success. But his demeanor is a positive one. The one surprise is that Darrel Young wasn't chosen. The flip side is that players consider Young a leader -- and if they view Way in that manner, it helps special teams. It is helpful on special teams to have someone such as linebacker Adam Hayward, who plays on multiple units. That's not Way's fault.

Goldson: The Redskins love Goldson because of his leadership ability. Yes, it's what you heard about Ryan Clark, too, last season so the Redskins have to hope Goldson's play matches his leadership. They like his swag, too. One difference last year with Clark is that it became clear he was a one-year guy; with Goldson that's not the case. Goldson communicates well on the field (as did Clark). It's unusual for a new player to earn this honor, but the other guy I would have anticipated was nose tackle Terrance Knighton. He's been more of a spokesman for the defense and understands when there are big stories, one role of a leader is to be available to the media.

Williams: He's a captain for the fifth season, which would never have been anyone's prediction when he first arrived in Washington. He came here with a reputation for not being a hard worker or someone who should lead a team. "I take extreme pride in that honor," Williams said. "It's a huge privilege for me and I enjoy every second of it. I look to continue and relish that role and be a better leader than I was last year." There's no pressure in having that role. "It's something you can use to help fuel the guys. When they hear a captain talk, to them they take heed to what you're saying."