DeAngelo Hall remains undecided on retirement, but says 'this has been a fun journey'

DeAngelo Hall has not decided whether to return next year to play and is still weighing his decision. Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins safety DeAngelo Hall remains uncertain of his future plans, but he sounded more and more like a player headed toward retirement.

Hall, who just finished his 14th season, reiterated what he has stated for more than a month -- that he's still weighing whether to return, enter coaching or seek a job in a front office. He has had some informal discussions with the Redskins about a future role in the organization, though nothing has been decided.

Hall will be a free agent, is 34 years old, and has struggled the past several seasons to stay healthy. He struggled in 2017 while recovering from a torn ACL, and admitted he needed a training camp to get ready. His injury prevented that from occurring. That's why Hall said he wanted to reach the offseason healthy and see if perhaps by spending time working out instead of rehabbing he could return to a level worthy of playing.

But he also knows that could be a difficult sell to the Redskins or any other team. He said if this is indeed the end, he's not about to cry.

"This has been a fun journey, a fun road if it's over," said Hall, who was inactive the last two games. "Someone asked me why are you on the scout team playing receiver? I was like, man, I'm just enjoying the moment. I'm probably not going to ever get to do this again, at least not at this level. So I wanted to enjoy it and help out any way I could, whether that was running routes or playing safety on scout team I tried to do what I could. It hasn't been hard for me because at some point you know. You know when you know. I don't know yet, but I'm feeling like I'm getting close to knowing."

Hall said he never would have considered coaching, but that was largely the role he had while recovering from his knee injury. Players responded to him. He has his eye on one job.

"I remember some whispers with Virginia Tech and I threw feelers out and got good responses," said Hall, who played for the Hokies. "That's definitely something up my alley. I love [Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente]. I wish him nothing but the best, but if he ever walks away I will be trying to make my way down to Blacksburg at some point. He's good to go for a long time. I don't know if that will ever happen. I never thought about coaching until some whispers about him leaving came about."

Hall said there's one piece missing from his NFL résumé: a championship. He called intercepting four passes in a game, as he did against the Chicago Bears in 2010, "cool." But, he added, "it didn't get me any hardware."

As for his own legacy, Hall was honest. He entered the NFL as a cornerback with the nickname "MeAngelo" for what some considered his selfish style. He eventually became a captain and respected leader with the Redskins, even switching positions three seasons ago.

"Probably a great athlete, a great competitor," he said. "Fiery at times, bit of a butthole at times, but ultimately a team guy. Didn't start out that way, but would like to definitely be thought of as a guy who thought more about the team than himself. Probably not a great corner, but a great football player. A guy who knew how to play football and tried to play it the right way and to the best of his ability. That's what I would like my legacy to be."