Redskins practice report

RICHMOND, Va. -- Highlights from the Redskins practice Tuesday afternoon (can also check the RG III report for more):

  • The Redskins' receivers, in general, did a better job against New England's corners in the one-on-one work. The Patriots were not playing as much bump coverage as on Monday. But the Redskins also adjusted to how they were playing the receivers—where they were trying to force them.

  • There were a few cases in which the wideouts were able to create more separation on the routes than Monday. DeSean Jackson, for example, turned Brandon Browner around. Jackson ran inside-out against him to the corner of the end zone and Browner had no chance. Santana Moss and Ryan Grant got open because of their route-running, too. Grant took an outside release, headed to the inside and then cut back outside and was wide open against backup corner Justin Green.

  • I love watching Darrelle Revis work in practice. Guy just rarely gets beat and makes plays. If a receiver catches a slant on him it's usually a couple yards from where they really wanted to get. Just a joy to watch. The same is true of Tom Brady. Very few passes are off target. Very few passes aren't delivered. It's noteworthy if one of his passes is a little low or a little high. The ball still jumps from his arm. When you watch Brady and that offense you realize they're playing at a different level. That was evident when he took care of business in the red zone. It's not as if the Redskins' defense didn't eventually do some good things, but Brady is just, well, Brady.

  • Also cool to see Brady bark out to a teammate, “Let's go!” when he wasn't running fast enough to the huddle. It's clear that a 37-year-old quarterback still has a fire burning to be great.

  • Brady was excellent in the red zone. Patient and decisive. The ball comes out when it's supposed to and when it doesn't there's no panic. But when he sees something he lets if fly with power.

  • Vince Wilfork just drove through center Kory Lichtensteiger in the one-on-ones. However, in full-team work Lichtensteiger and his linemates did a solid job against Wilfork.

  • The Redskins, with Jackson, will have the ability against man coverage to run him to the middle of the field, taking the corner and safety and have another wideout run a cross to the area Jackson left. Just something to watch.

  • I like the way Spencer Long competes and learns. Did a good job in two-on-two work with handling a stunt; good base. When the end stunted inside, Long took care of him. It was against a backup, but it was a good job. Also saw him take backup lineman Marcus Forston to the ground in one-on-one work.

  • Left tackle Trent Williams is patient in protection and because of his quick feet he can react accordingly. He does not need to rely on his long arms, they just help him even more because of his feet.

  • Receiver Ryan Grant made a good catch, going up high to snag one from Kirk Cousins over backup corner Malcolm Butler.

  • Corner Bashaud Breeland made a terrific interception based on something he learned in camp. He read how the corner was going to break on the route and deduced he was going to run a comeback. The backup receiver, Brian Tyms, tried to sell a deep fade and Breeland was taught that this likely means he'll run a comeback. Breeland sat on that and stepped in front for the pick. One play later he would have drawn a holding penalty on Tyms on a run to his side. Breeland was physical and aggressive on the play.

  • Rashad Ross caught a deep ball from Colt McCoy along the sidelines, bobbling the ball and the securing it before going out of bounds. Lache Seastrunk put a move on backup corner Justin Green on an outside run, leaving Green leaning back to the inside. Seastrunk was leveled a few yards later.

  • Corner David Amerson broke up a pass to receiver Kenbrell Thompkins and after Thompkins bounced up, something might have been said because Amerson then shoved him hard. Nothing more happened.

  • Playing physical coverage forces receivers to know how to operate in tight spaces. Saw Jordan Reed, for example, do a good job of extending his arms for the catch with a defender all over him.

  • If teams want to play physical, then Reed will be a good option for Griffin. He was the guy Griffin kept connecting with Monday and Tuesday. It's not just Griffin, either, as Kirk Cousins found him with a pass over the top of a linebacker in the end zone. Size helps, especially in the red zone -- and especially if you can run routes like Reed. He turned another linebacker inside-out with a stutter step and cut wide. Reed created the best separation among the starters when working against the Patriots' linebackers.

  • The Redskins worked on punting from deep in their own territory and own end zone. The hangtime was solid: On the six punts by Robert Malone that I timed, three were in the air 4.4 seconds or more; two were between 4.0 and 4.3 and the sixth was only in the air for 3.5 seconds. Meanwhile, on the four punts I timed by Blake Clingan, three were at 4.9 seconds and the fourth was at 4.2 seconds.