Papi's beard sells for almost $11K

Shavings from the beard of World Series MVP David Ortiz sold for almost $11,000 early Sunday morning.

The trimmings were collected by Gillette after Ortiz and fellow Boston Red Sox player Shane Victorino stopped by its headquarters last month following the team's third title in ten years. The razor brand auctioned off the trimmings on eBay with the razor that was used and an autograph from the slugger.

The $10,877.77 paid by an unknown bidder is a significant sum considering what other hair has sold for. In July, a clump of Mick Jagger's hair sold for $6,000. A lock of hair from former U.S. president John F. Kennedy sold for $1,800 in October.

The price paid is also more than what a collector paid for a clump of Mickey Mantle's hair in 1997 ($6,900). Hundreds of strands of Ted Williams' hair sold for $780 in a 2009 auction.

All proceeds of Gillette's Ortiz sale will go to Movember, a men's health charity that encourages men to grow mustaches in November while raising money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.

"I'm smiling bro," Ortiz said, via text message. "This is great. It has been a year to remember and I'm loving what we just did here. But what really matters most is raising money to fight cancer."

The auction with the trimmings of Victorino, his razor and his autograph sold for $3,750.69