Jake Peavy cuts finger in accident

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Boston Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy, who was scheduled to make his first start of the exhibition season Monday in Bradenton, Fla., was scratched after he cut his left index finger with a fishing knife on Saturday, manager John Farrell said.

Peavy said Monday that he suffered the injury while using the knife to cut through a wire tie on a package.

"I promised my little boy I would take him fishing, so we went to Bass Pro [Shops] and we bought us some rods and reels that were combo'd," Peavy told WEEI-FM in Boston. "Trying to cut the wire tie that was holding them together using the knife with my right hand and holding the rod with my left. And when I broke the wire, it struck the knuckle pretty good.

"It's a bummer. I didn't think it was that crazy bad -- to the point I didn't seek medical attention. That day we wrapped it up and went fishing. I came in here yesterday and realized we needed to have it stitched up and we would have to take some precautionary measures."

Peavy said he could've pitched Monday if it was absolutely necessary, but that he didn't want to risk infection and the Red Sox wanted to "hold off a day or two."

Farrell said the accident took place at the residence in which Peavy is staying in Florida.

"He's going to be 'no-throw' for three days and then initiate a throwing program off the mound," Farrell said. "It's his non-throwing hand, so he can keep his arm in shape, but he's a scratch for tomorrow.

"This was a freak one. And honestly, he avoided some serious injury with what took place. ... He almost cut through his left index finger. He had a procedure to make sure there was no infection of any kind and to clean it out thoroughly."

Brandon Workman will make the start against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Peavy's place.

"I don't think it's going to be long at all," Peavy told WEEI. "I would like to get out play some catch and do some stuff [Tuesday]. The biggest thing is they're not going to let me sweat until the healing process takes over. I believe I'm going to play catch, and I would love to tell you I'm going to make my next start. That's certainly what I'm aiming for and hopefully we can do that and get back on schedule and it doesn't mess things up too much."

The plan going into spring training had been for each of the team's five veteran starters to make five starts in camp, skipping the first time through. It's uncertain whether Peavy will be able to keep to that schedule. Because the injury is to his glove hand, Farrell said the team could pad the finger for protection.

At the outset of camp, Peavy was struck by a ball and injured his right ring finger, which delayed his throwing program.