David Ortiz: No respect for Jim Palmer after Twitter criticism

BOSTON -- Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was dismissive of criticism from Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer, the Baltimore Orioles' TV broadcaster who was not on the air this weekend but aimed some darts at Ortiz via Twitter after Ortiz was ejected from Sunday's game.

"Oh yeah, yeah, yeah," Ortiz said when asked whether he was aware of Palmer's comments. "Whatever. Whatever he say.

"That's how he wants to get respect from us? Is that how he wants me to respect him? It's not going to happen."

Palmer did not accompany the team to Boston for its weekend series against the Red Sox.

"I was watching from the comfort of my sofa in Palm Beach," Palmer wrote in an email Monday, responding to an inquiry about a series of tweets he posted Sunday after Ortiz was ejected from that afternoon's game in the fifth inning.

Ortiz was tossed after third-base umpire and crew chief Jerry Meals ruled Ortiz had been unable to check his swing on a pitch from Orioles starter Miguel Gonzalez on a 1-1 count. Ortiz dropped his bat and raised his arms, barking at Meals, who barked back. Moments later, plate umpire John Tumpane tossed Ortiz, prompting an additional outburst.

Meals had called another borderline pitch a strike in the first inning that drew Ortiz's ire, though he subsequently walked on the next pitch.

Palmer was not impressed by Ortiz's actions and in a series of tweets let his feelings be known.

"Who needs a home plate umpire when David's at the plate?" Palmer wrote in his email Monday. "He's always complaining about close pitches. What I found objectionable was that the Red Sox are playing an important series -- game tied, fifth inning -- and his actions get him tossed. This game is about winning. What did he do yesterday to help the Sox win? Was there any redeeming or positive outcome from his actions? Only for the Orioles.

"How long would a pitcher last on the mound if he had the same histrionics as Ortiz had yesterday? I'm not his judge and jury. I was tweeting about his conduct yesterday, which in my opinion is indefensible."

Ortiz was asked if he'd had problems with Palmer in the past.

"No, actually I thought that he was one of my guys," Ortiz said. "All of a sudden now he's killing me, huh? I guess anybody who wants to get famous or make some noise comes to Papi, right?"

Told that Palmer said he wasn't hating on Ortiz, just on his getting thrown out, Ortiz said: "All right, I'll take a note."