John Farrell calls Wade Miley's actions 'unacceptable'

BOSTON -- A day after he was confronted by pitcher Wade Miley in a heated scene that was televised by NESN, Red Sox manager John Farrell used sharper language to describe his reaction to what took place.

"What happened in the dugout last night was a pitcher who was competitive [and] obviously did not like the decision to be removed from the game," Farrell said. "But the outburst in the dugout was something that's, you know, unacceptable. I won't stand for it. As a result, we met immediately following the game."

Miley took the blame for what transpired after he was removed from Thursday night's game after allowing five runs in the first four innings.

"I handled it terrible," he said. "... I lost my head last night."

Farrell said Miley was not fined and that the incident would not affect the timing of his next start, scheduled for Tuesday in Atlanta.

"What took place in the office in Baltimore stays there, and that's probably about the best answer I can give you," Farrell said. "I think the best thing is we addressed it. He's understanding of my thoughts on it and the fact it's unacceptable. But I think the best thing for all of us is that we turn the page and move on."

Farrell was asked why he didn't call the incident "unacceptable" Thursday night.

"I expressed at the time I could understand his mindset, and to escalate that any further ..." Farrell said. "He and I spoke immediately after the game. I think everyone else was aware of that. That mattered to me most. And that's those 25 guys.

"I'm here to tell you it's unacceptable. He's well aware of it, and that's where we'll leave it."