What will become of Sox beards?

BOSTON -- The beards on the 2013 champion Boston Red Sox are already legendary. The question is: What happens with the World Series whiskers now?

The players have grown to love them just as much as the fans have, but there's debate as to whether the champs will keep the beards or shave them for charity.

Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia said prior to Game 6 Wednesday at Fenway Park that he's not shaving his, adding that with the exception of a few players who are getting married this offseason, the guys want to keep them.

Another bearded Red Sox player felt strongly about shaving for charity. According to one team official, there has been some internal debate about the beards.

There's one thing you can bet on: The beards will be out in force for Saturday's rolling rally.

"I think they are going to be wearing the beards they've been wearing. We don't monitor very closely the shaving patterns or habits of our players," Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said Thursday.

"I don't know if any have shaven, I tend to doubt they had time last night to focus on that. We hope there may be more to the beard story in terms of what the players are going to do with them, are they going to shave them off and whether there could be a charitable component if that happens."

One player said jokingly that he looks like a fool with his facial hair. But for some players who have spent months cultivating their beards, the decision to part with it isn't easy. Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli hasn't shaved since spring training and other teammates aren't too far behind. They've even given their beards names. Jonny Gomes' goes by "Ironsides," and David Ortiz's is called the "Tizer."

Though nothing is officially set, word is there could be an event, possibly early next week, for Sox players as well as bullpen cop Steve Horgan to shave their beards for charity.