Davis ready for Game 6; Daniels out

BOSTON -- Despite all the injury concerns coming into Friday's Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals, the Celtics will be without only Marquis Daniels (concussion) against the Orlando Magic. They will activate Brian Scalabrine in his place.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said that fellow reserves Glen Davis (concussion), Rasheed Wallace (back) and Tony Allen (ankle) all will be active despite injuries that had threatened their availability.

"Everybody's good, except for Marquis," Rivers said before the game. "That's probably the easier way to [sum it up]. Marquis is out, probably for a while. Everybody else is ready."

According to Rivers, Daniels experienced tingling in both his feet and hands. Feeling has since returned, but the team doesn't expect to rush Daniels back.

Davis underwent a battery of tests Thursday, earned clearance to play and stressed that he's fine before Friday's game.

"It caught me off guard, I didn't see it coming," Davis said of the Dwight Howard elbow that momentarily knocked him out during Game 5 Wednesday at Orlando. "I'm playing today.

"I was woozy. Like when you get hit by a boxer. It's like, 'Whoa.' Some boxers can gather themselves."

Davis couldn't and stumbled back up the court before being caught by referee Joey Crawford.

"I couldn't get my legs," said Davis. "I remember everything, I just couldn't catch my legs -- my legs were gone. Like a boxer."