NBA reviewing Doc Rivers' T's

LOS ANGELES -- An NBA spokesman said Saturday night that only Doc Rivers' two technical fouls from the Celtics' loss to the Phoenix Suns on Friday night remain under review by the league, confirming that no further punishment will be issued to Boston as it prepares to visit the Los Angeles Lakers Sunday.

The Celtics were tagged with six technical fouls during Friday's 88-71 loss to the Suns and both Rivers and forward Kevin Garnett were ejected. Nate Robinson and Kendrick Perkins also registered technicals after a fourth-quarter dust-up between Garnett and Phoenix's Channing Frye.

Frye took exception to a low blow from Garnett as he followed through on a 3-point attempt and, after landing on Garnett's foot and tumbling to the ground, Frye sprang back up and got into Garnett's face as Boston players and fill-in coach Lawrence Frank rushed to separate the players.

Garnett could have faced stiffer punishment, including suspension, if the league had deemed his actions intentional or harmful, but upon review, it appears the two technicals will simply stand. Garnett now has six technical fouls on the season.

"I'm in the locker room, I was very surprised," Rivers told reporters. "I saw it on TV and I actually thought Channing Frye was the instigator. Kevin didn't jump in Channing Frye's face. I thought Channing Frye jumped in Kevin's face. I don't know how we get a throw out to Kevin on that. Who knows?

"The foul was [Frye] stepped on [Garnett's] foot. Channing Frye came down and landed on Kevin's foot. He definitely did that. Kevin didn't do it on purpose. That's all I saw with the foul. They showed that over and over again. That was pretty clear."

With the Celtics trailing 40-25, Rivers was ejected late in the second quarter after arguing with referee Steve Javie during a timeout. Rivers was hit with one technical foul and kept arguing with Javie, pointing to the official and his head as he yelled across the court.

Rivers got in a few more choice words before finally walking off the court.

Asked about how what precipitated the first technical, Rivers told reporters: ""[Javie] actually came into our huddle. We were standing there, he came up to us. I'll tell you exactly what was said. He said, 'You guys are complaining way too much.' And I said, 'Well, let's make the right calls.' And his answer back was, 'I'll make a call for you.' And that's how I got the tech."

Rivers could be seen on the broadcast chastising Javie, repeating, "It's all about you," and his mock clapping after the first technical led to Rivers' second infraction and his early departure.

"I didn't have any choice words for him," Rivers told reporters. "I didn't say a word. I didn't even swear then. You know what I said? 'It's about the game. It's not about one individual.' That's all I said, over and over again. Whatever, it wasn't about that -- why we lost the game. We didn't play well, I thought they played well. It happens."

Chris Forsberg covers the Celtics for ESPNBoston.com.