Celtics' Jaylen Brown likely to rest until this weekend with bone bruise

SALT LAKE CITY -- Boston Celtics rookie forward Jaylen Brown, the No. 3 pick in last month's draft, said an MRI on his sore right knee revealed only a bone bruise and he should be able to return to game action soon.

Brown deemed himself a game-time decision for Thursday's finale of the Utah summer league against the San Antonio Spurs, but Celtics assistant coach Micah Shrewsberry hinted that Brown is more likely to rest and resume action this weekend at the Las Vegas summer league.

"[The injury] wasn't anything that was drastic -- a bone bruise, he's sore -- but I like my job," Shrewsberry joked. "If I put him in there [Celtics president] Danny [Ainge] and [coach] Brad [Stevens] will probably be telling me tomorrow I'm looking for new employment. I'd be interviewing in Las Vegas."

Brown remains eager to show what he can do against NBA competition.

"I want to play," he said. "I know it's summer league, but I want to play, so I'm gonna try to get back as soon as possible if I'm healthy. I'm gonna be very cautious, but I want to play."

Brown detailed how he hyperextended the knee trying to avoid contact while chasing a loose ball in Monday's win over the Philadelphia 76ers. He said summer league has been a positive experience, despite being sidelined.

"It's a man's league. You've got to get your body prepared, you've got to put on some extra weight to make sure you can bump and grind with those big guys down there," Brown said. "Getting to the line 17 times [in his debut on Monday], your body's taking a beating down there. It's taking a lot of pounding, so my body has to be prepared. Mentally, I have to be ready."

He's also getting used to all the space on the floor at the NBA level.

"The NBA is kind of fit for me," Brown said. "The floor is really spaced and if you put really good shooters on the floor that makes it really good for me, so it makes it easy going to the basket. The lanes are always there; it's just about making the right plays and hitting your free throws when you get to the foul line."

Shrewsberry, Boston's coach in the summer leagues, said Brown can still absorb information from the sideline.

"A couple days ago, during walk-through, he just got to sit and watch film with Coach Stevens. He has to take opportunities like that to learn," Shrewsberry said. "It doesn't always have to be on the court.

"He wants to play, he wants to prove himself and show everybody how good he is. It's still learning. And he has to learn in any way, whether that's sitting on the bench next to one our assistants and watching -- they can point things out to him. That's how he has to take it. Every opportunity is a learning opportunity for him."

Celtics second-year guard R.J. Hunter said a sore right wrist that kept him out of Tuesday's game was feeling better and he was set to test it at shootaround Thursday.

"It's feeling better. It was just really stiff, and I couldn't get the flick off of it the other day," Hunter said. "I had an X-ray as soon as it happened, and he didn't see anything. They didn't want to get an MRI, so that's good."

Hunter, who is still bulking up to NBA standards, admitted he got dinged up trying to drive at the basket.

"I went to the basket and -- I'm going to try floaters from here on out," Hunter said. "It was a new summer, new year, and I tried to body [someone], and I got bodied. So I fell on my wrist. But it's a lot better, just a bruise."

Asked what he's trying to take from summer league, Hunter said, "Just to continue to get a feel. I did a lot of watching last year and I want to implement stuff that I learned. Even in the first [summer league] game, I felt the stuff that I watched last year came naturally. I just have to be more consistent with it, and keep my defense improving."