Jason Terry: 'Fireworks' vs. Heat

Guard Jason Terry predicts his Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat will meet each other in the playoffs and eagerly awaits the "fireworks" that will ensue.

"It really doesn't matter [when in the playoffs we face the Heat]. There's no preference," Terry said in an interview Friday on Boston sports radio station WEEI. "But you know at some point, I don't want to say that it's fixed, [but] I think it's going to happen. We are going to see them and it's going to be fireworks."

Terry was trending on Twitter earlier this week after he was dunked on by LeBron James on a breakaway in Miami's 23rd consecutive victory Monday night in Boston. The Heat's win streak now is at 24.

James later said he felt the play enacted some revenge on Terry for smack talk he has directed at the superstar and the Heat during the past several seasons.

"I've had a chance to [review] it, and it was one of my better ones," James said. "The fact that it happened to J.T. made it that much sweeter. Because we all know J.T. and he talks too much sometimes. And I'm glad it happened to him."

The James-Terry rivalry started in 2011, when Terry said James wouldn't be able to guard him effectively for the entire NBA Finals when the Heat took on Terry's Dallas Mavericks. Terry finished the series strong offensively, and the Mavericks won the series, 4-2.

But Terry's hatred for the Heat goes back further than LeBron.

"[It's] not even LeBron personally. It's just the Miami Heat. Is it the red and black? Maybe. I hate that color," Terry told WEEI on Friday. "I just don't like them. Let me tell you like this: It goes back to [the] 05-06 [season when Miami beat Dallas in the NBA Finals]. And it doesn't matter who's in those Miami Heat uniforms. Let's just be real: You're up 2-0 and they come back and win four straight games and you lose the NBA Finals. So LeBron inherited something bigger than the matchup of he and I. It's about the Miami Heat and that organization."

But Terry admitted the rivalry with James has blossomed.

"Hey, he picked his poison. They put him on me to shut me down in the NBA Finals in 2011 and he couldn't get the job done," Terry said. "Hopefully, he'll have another chance this year in the Eastern Conference finals -- or wherever we match up -- but I'm telling you right now, I love us. I love the way we're built. We miss [Rajon] Rondo, we miss [Jared] Sullinger, but with this team we have, we have a chance."

As for the fireworks when James dunked on Terry during Monday's game, the vicious alley-oop slam quickly going viral, Terry laughed it off.

"Social media today, it's just unbelievable," he said. "But I will say, I did get a kick out of the one when I was laying in the coffin, and the pallbearers were [Kevin Garnett] and Paul Pierce. That was hilarious. It's all in fun, it's all in the spirit of the sport. But I'll tell you right now, I would love to see Miami in the playoffs, because the road to the championship goes through the champion. We're fired up. We love that matchup."

Information from ESPN.com's Brian Windhorst and ESPNBoston.com's Chris Forsberg was used in this report.