Best places to watch the Patriots

A few weeks ago, an e-mailer to the Patriots mailbag struck a chord when asking for suggestions on the best places to watch the team play in various parts of the country.

Readers of the mailbag responded with their choices, and we've put together a master list based on submissions to the mailbag, on Twitter, and in the comments section » of the Patriots blog (thanks to "jmt57" for filling that up).

It turns out the Patriots have their own fan club registry ».

The master list of "Best places to watch the Patriots" serves as a replacement for today's Patriots mailbag, and it's something that can be updated over time as more submissions come in. If I missed any, or something doesn't look right, please re-send and I will update upon my return from vacation.

I'll be back with another mailbag on July 20.

I'm appreciative that so many e-mailers from around the country who have an interest in the Patriots check out ESPNBoston.com, as it makes this a vibrant community to dissect and analyze the team.

Until then, here are reader submissions on the best places to watch the Patriots around the country (places that were duplicated are included just once):

Alexandria, Va./Washington, DC
1. Bill M writes: "Murphy's Pub. Amazing place to watch a Pats game with a whole set of traditions."

2. Don writes: "Kelly's Irish Times (14 F St., NW)."

3. Michael D. writes: "Carpool is a great sports bar and they usually have the sound on for Patriots games, even when they conflict with Redskins games, because they have separate sound systems for different areas of the bar."

Austin, Texas
1. Jackodm writes: "Come join the rest of the Pats fans at B.D. Riley's Irish Pub on Sixth Street, home of the official Pat's Fan Club in Austin."

1. Charles S writes: "There is a Patriots bar in Baltimore. It's called Don't Know Tavern. It is always filled with fans on game day and has pretty good food as well. Normally there are drink specials for wearing Pats gear."

Brooklyn, N.Y.
1. Stephen writes: "Good game bars in Brooklyn include 200 Fifth at 200 Fifth Ave, Brooklyn (Park Slope). Has all the games and very good bar food. Also, Dram Shoppe has many of the games, and excellent hand cut French fries (I recommend the chipotle mayo dipping sauce). Neither are necessarily 'Patriot bars,' but there are always lots of Pats fans there, and there are lots of Boston sports fans in NYC, to the chagrin of NYC sports fans."

Burton, Michigan
1. BenBGT12 writes: "Sharkys Sports Bar. This place is amazing, located between Flint and Detroit, and we have a dedicated HD TV with sound right up front for the Patriots games every week and there currently is about 6 of us up there and the group is growing! Always a fun time!"

Chelmsford, Mass.
1. Ken B writes: "The best place for viewing the Pats is "Brickhouse Center Sports Grille" right in Chelmsford Center. They have 10 big-screen TV's and the food is excellent!"

1. @joshk33 writes: "Chicago's Patriots bar is The Store at Halsted and Armitage."

2. Bruce L writes: "Brendan's Pub."

3. Dean Z writes: "There is a good Boston/New England bar in Chicago (I am a part owner) called Tripoli Tap. We show all Pats games with volume and have a large fan base that shows up for each game."

Citrus Heights, Calif.
1. jmt57 writes: "McGee's Grill. Technically it's a Vikings sports bar, but there are also about a dozen Pats fans there every week."

1. Stephen writes: "I run a Patriots fan club in Dallas. We watch the games at McSwiggans Irish Pub in The Colony, Texas. It's a great Boston pub. The owner and manager are both from Mass. If anybody in Dallas is interested, they can find more information at http://dallaspatsfans.com . We're also listed on the patriots.com fan club registry."

Daytona Beach, Fla.
1. FlaSox writes: "Best place to watch the Patriots or any team for that matter in the Daytona Beach area is Houligan's. Twenty-plus big screens supplemented with smaller TV's throughout. Every fan base represented. Reminds me of draft day every Sunday. Jets fans in one corner, Steelers fans on one wall, etc. and Pats fans everywhere. Also best chicken wings in Florida. Oh, and a Massachusetts guy owns the place."

Delray Beach, Fla.
1. Greg writes: "Boston's On The Beach. 40 S. Ocean Blvd. Great bar and live music at night."

Dublin, Ireland
1. Markodragon/patriot 83 writes: "The Woolshed, on Parnell Street. It is more of a general ANZAC sports bar, but the NFL games will be on two huge projector screens every Sunday and quite a crowd in there for just them. If Pats are playing, the Paddy Patriots gang, the Irish NE fan club guys, will generally be in there."

Fort Drum, N.Y.
1. Steve writes: "The Commons, home of the Army's most deployed division, the 10th Mountain division. The Pats fans here show up in force and in numbers and take over the large projector screen to watch the game, leaving the other fans to watch on (still large) HD TV's that are scattered around the large room. … It's a clean, friendly environment that's also family friendly, as there are children there every day there is a game on. Sport your favorite jersey and show up … just be prepared if you're not in a Pats jersey!"

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
1. Greg writes: "Kelly's Landing. Great New England seafood, family-owned friendly place."

2. MeniSoup writes: "The Village Grille & Village Pump, Lauderdale by the Sea. When the Pats actually play Miami, Dave the owner gets buses and buys over 300 tickets and takes fans to the game."

1. Matt writes: "Last year we had a group of about 20-30 watching the games at The Wet Spot. I'm not sure if it will be there next year because it's under new ownership, but I know we were happy with the place."

Los Angeles
1. Brendan writes: "Best spot to watch the Patriots in Southern California is the Poop Deck in Hermosa Beach."

2. Ben writes: "I'm one of the many transplants living in L.A. and we have a great, well-known bar called Sonny McLean's in Santa Monica. You might as well call it the Boston Embassy. For anyone new in L.A., check out Sonny's. That said, it can be a pain to get to and get in sometimes (L.A. traffic and absurd playoff crowds give me too much stress on top of actually mentally preparing for the game). I would love to hear about any other bars around L.A."

3. Joe and Todd L write: "Best place to watch the Pats in the L.A. area is Fat Face Fenners in Hermosa Beach. This is a Boston bar, owners are from East Coast. Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots gear everywhere, and live lobster on the menu too!"

Long Beach, Calif.
1. Brian M: "I reside in Indiana now, but for many years I lived in SoCal. For people in the south L.A./Long Beach area, I heartily recommend Cirivello's Restaurant & Sports Bar at 4115 Viking Way in Long Beach. Lots and lots of screens, so that everyone on Sunday can watch their team."

Los Osos, Calif.
1. Bagoon writes: "I like to watch Pats games at The Club House right here in Los Osos."

Moncton, New Brunswick
1. Laurie writes: "The Fox & Hound Pub welcomes all supporters. Try the "strings" for a snack food (it's off the menu, and unavailable to Jets fans)."

New York, N.Y.
1. Matt B writes: "The Hairy Monk at 24th Street and 3rd Avenue."

2. Jack, Sean, Bill & Dan write: "Best place to watch the Pats (and Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, BC Eagles) in Manhattan is Pat O'Briens, Upper East Side 1701 2nd Avenue @ E 88th St. … We are all from the Boston area, and they only play Pats games, so you don't have to deal with N.Y. fans rooting against you, even if we aren't playing N.Y. The bartenders, Joanna and Ray, are both from Boston and always remember a repeat customer. One problem is that 'POB' does not serve food, but they do allow you to have food delivered. If you want a bar to watch just the Pats and be around like-minded fans, you can't beat it."

3.RAIRM98 writes: "Professor Thom's is a great Boston sports bar to watch the Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics."

4. Papi S writes: "Lion's Head Tavern; 995 Amsterdam Ave (at 109th Street). You have to deal with annoying Jets fans screaming, but there is always a small crew of Patriots fans that have a little corner. The bacon cheeseburger is good too."

5. Benh999 writes: "In NYC, The Dead Poet (Amsterdam, in the 80s) used to regularly have several Pats fans. There used to be another bar in the area run by someone from Mass., (I think Chelmsford) that was a great place, but it's been gone for several years."

6. ilastoff writes: "The Riviera in NYC is a great place to take in a Boston sporting event. It's down in the West Village."

Oceanside, Calif.
1. Mjdiblasi writes: "Hooligan's is a great Boston bar."

1. JonathanSanterre writes: "Here's my two cents about the best place to watch the Pats where I live in Orlando. For anyone visiting the Walt Disney World area, I would say the best place close by to enjoy a game would be the Celebration Town Tavern. It's a Boston/New England sports bar/restaurant in general if you want to enjoy a Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, Bruins game."

1. Michael writes: "Smith's at 39-41 S 19th Street, Philadelphia, PA. It's in Center City and Pats fans have been gathering there for every game for the last few years."

1. Azgallego writes: "Best place to see the Patriots in Phoenix is Toso's Sports Bar & Grill 2401 W. Union Hills (Just off of Union Hills and I-17)."

Port Orange, Fla.
1. thesttuff004 writes: "Boomerangs in Port Orange, Fla., is the best place around to watch the Pats. It's near Daytona Beach."

Raleigh, N.C.
1. IgorWinGame writes: "Backyard Bistro (the official home of the N.C. Patriots and Red Sox fan clubs) and Zydeco, which is former Patriots cornerback Antwan Harris' place."

Rockland County, N.Y.
1. NYC writes: "Baileys Smokehouse, Myrtle Ave off Rt. 303 in Blauvelt, N.Y. Always some Pats fans there! Friendly."

San Diego
1. @Ccmckenzie writes: "Best place to watch in San Diego is Longboard's Bar & Grill in Pacific Beach. Miller's Field is second."

2. Jeremy C writes: "BeachDave's is the original location to watch the Patriots games long before what seems like most of New England moved to San Diego."

3. Matt and jmt57 write: "Player's Bar & Grill. Tons of Pats fans, owner is from Boston."

4. jmt57 writes: "San Diego Brewing Company. They have a small following of Patriots fans here. One TV dedicated to all Patriots games."

San Francisco
1. Dave B writes: "The Connecticut Yankee is the premier New England sports bar in the city. Don't let the name 'Yankee' fool you, this place is all things Patriots, Sox, Celtics and Bruins, with a little Giants thrown in. Great place to watch the game on Sunday mornings (we have to get up early out here!). Excellent Bloody Marys and tasty, heavy pub food (sports-themed names -- The Wade Boggs is a chicken dish, naturally). The owner, Fritz, is a great guy. I go here by myself because I know that everyone there will be rooting for the Patriots along with me."

2. Wilson K writes: "The best spot for watching the Pats in my fine city is The Red Jack Saloon. Makes me feel like I am in New England once again, with great Bloody Marys (it is 10 a.m., after all) and a nice spread of free food."

3. Dan C. writes: "Every Sunday a crowd gathers at The Buccaneer on Polk Street for Patriots games. The place opens early (10 a.m. Pacific) and memorabilia decorates the walls."

4. Higgins42 writes: "Greens is one alternative if you are closer to the downtown area."

San Leandro, Calif.
1. Jmt57 writes: "Ricky's Sports Bar. This is a big-time Raiders bar, but the people are friendly and they get about a dozen loyal Pats fans for every game. Ranked as the No. 2 sports bar in the country by Sports Illustrated."

1. Wellvrsd writes: "The Owl and Thistle is a great Boston/Irish/sports bar downtown, just off First Ave., near the ferry terminals."

St. Pete Beach, Fla.
1. singlern05 writes: "The Wharf (waterside sports bar/restaurant). Pats game will always be on an HD TV and you'll get to watch boats and dolphins going by right from the bar between the breaks. (It's a great way to calm yourself during the times when you just want to rip your hair out.)"

Tampa, Fla.
1. Future Mrs. Tom Brady writes: "Boston's Sports Bar by Veteran's Expressway. There is a die-hard group of fans there every week and the bar audio plays the Pats game (even if the Bucs are playing)."

Walnut Creek, Calif.
1. jmt57 writes: "Crogan's Sports Bar & Grill. Home of the East Bay Patriots Meetup Group."

Wilmington, Del.
1. Matt B writes: "CR Hooligan's in Trolley Square."

Zurich, Switzerland
1. B International writes: "The best place to go is Paddy Reilly's pub. We are limited in Europe to only have ESPN America, but there is a good crowd of Patriots fans here."

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