Moss to agents: 'I am a free man!'

A day after firing his longtime agent, New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss called the Boston Herald and tried to clear up some misconceptions about his future.

"I have no intention of retiring soon," Moss told the Herald. "What I did with firing an agent was, I thought time had run out. There were some things that couldn't be done that needed to be done."

He told the newspaper that he plans on hiring a new agent.

"To all the agents out there, I am a free man! I am looking for a new agent," Moss told the Herald.

"I got this football thing under control, but going into my 13th year in the league, I'm still marketable. I'm looking for an agent that's going to get me out there with my marketing ability."

Moss said he's looking for a representative that can expand his reach outside the football field by getting him into commercials and other "business deals off the field."

He also tried to quell any fears the Patriots or their fans might have had with the news that he was firing his agent: His focus this season will be on helping New England win -- although he's not sure he's in the Patriots' plans beyond this season.

"I'm going to play the year, I'm not coming in to start any conflicts or be disgruntled," Moss told the newspaper. "I don't think I'm realistically in the future plans of the Patriots. But if the New England Patriots don't want me in their future, [it's a business]. I understand."

Earlier Monday, agent Tim DiPiero confirmed that Moss had ended his relationship with him and said in a statement that Moss intended to represent himself in the future.

"I am writing to confirm reports that I am no longer Randy's agent," said DiPiero in a statement sent to media members. "Randy has talked to me for awhile about finishing his career without an agent and recently told me that as a veteran entering his 13th season, he no longer believed he needs an agent. He told me he would be sending me official notice of his decision which he did last week. It has been a privilege representing him all these years and to have had a close-up view as we all watched a high school kid, who was this incredible 'phenom,' grow into a man and one of the greatest NFL players of all time."

Moss' three-year, $27 million contract expires after the 2010 season.

The Patriots, however, have more pressing contract situations with Tom Brady and Logan Mankins, so it would seem unlikely that an extension for Moss would come before the end of the 2010 season.

ESPNBoston.com's Mike Reiss contributed to this report.