Moss to Belichick: 'Yes sir, I got you'

New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss acknowledged Tuesday that the timing of his comments about his contract after Sunday's game was not ideal, while also admitting that Bill Belichick told him to "watch what I do and watch what I say" in the future.

After Sunday's 38-24 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, Moss took to the news conference podium for 16 minutes to talk about his displeasure with his contract (he is in the final year of his deal) and feeling unappreciated.

"The timing could have been bad, but it was actually my first time speaking to the media this year," Moss said Tuesday in a phone interview on ESPN's "SportsCenter." "I wanted to get it off my chest instead of waiting until Week 12, Week 13 on down the road to where it really could become a distraction to our team, what we're trying to accomplish. It was something I just wanted to do. Maybe it was bad timing but I ... cleared my mind to feel good about myself."

Moss said he felt "relieved" to get the bad feelings about his contract off his chest and reiterated what he said Sunday about enjoying playing for the Patriots.

"Let me say this again, I do not want to leave New England, because I love what they do there. I love the team. I love the coaching staff," Moss said Tuesday. "And I love playing here on Sundays. But I think from a business standpoint, I have to look out for the best interest of me and my family.

"Next year, I don't know where I will be playing. Hopefully it will be here in New England. Whoever wants to give me a shot to hopefully come and help their team, I look forward to that opportunity."

Moss also confirmed meeting with Belichick in the wake of his Sunday news conference.

"I don't really want to get into me and Bill's conversation ..." Moss said. "But one thing that I will let out of the bag is he just told me I had to watch what I do and watch what I say and I told him point blank, 'Yes sir, I got you.' Simple as that."

On Sunday, Moss talked extensively about his unhappiness with his contract situation. He is slated to make $6.4 million in the final year of a deal he signed after the 2007 season.

"I want to let [reporters] know, let the fans, the real fans of New England, know that I'm not here to cause any trouble, I'm here to play the last year out on my contract," Moss said Sunday. "I said time and time again before I signed my first contract here, I want to be in New England; it's a well-coached group here. I never said I wanted to leave New England, there's a lot of things that are being written or being said that have people looking at me in a negative light. I don't want to be in a negative light.

"I want everybody to understand -- you can print it, I don't care how you put it to ink -- I want to be here with the Patriots. I love being here ... I'm not retiring; I'm still going to play some football. I just want to get that off my chest. Understand that this is a business."

Moss said Tuesday that he bears no ill will toward Tom Brady getting a contract extension ("I'm a big fan of Tom Brady. Him being the highest-paid player is well-deserved.") and that there have been no talks with the Patriots on an extension of his own.

"I don't really know why there haven't been any discussions," Moss said. "The only thing I am doing is taking it in stride day to day. Hopefully at the end of the season I'll give this organization a reason to keep me. If not, hopefully I'll give some other organization a reason to bring me in.

"I'm still here playing the level that I do day to day. Just because I said what I did Sunday isn't going to keep me away from my goal, going out and helping the Patriots win."