A memo to the commish

Good afternoon, Roger.

When I played for the New England Patriots, some of the great fans I connected with came up with a motto for my style of play: "Full-tilt, full-time."

It's also the way I view things in my role as an NFL analyst for ESPN. I love the game. I think about it all the time. It's part of my DNA.

So I hope you don't mind if every once in a while I shoot you a quick memo when I hear about something that seems a bit off the mark.

I was reading about the possibility of expanding the playoff field, maybe as soon as the 2015 season. Owners would still have to approve any changes, but it sounds like momentum is building toward that happening, with one additional team in each conference.

I like the idea of playoff expansion. But I was concerned when I read further and learned that part of the proposal would give just the top seed in each conference a first-round bye.

That's too great of an advantage for one team.

If the NFL is serious about expanding, I think it would be better to add two more teams in each conference. Then you have everyone play on the opening weekend, similar to what we see in the NBA and NHL.

So if you're going to expand the playoff field, the NFL should really say bye to the bye, which is one of the greatest advantages in professional sports.

Thanks for listening and good luck with Super Bowl XLVIII.