Brandon Spikes refutes IR reason

Former New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes, who signed with the Buffalo Bills last week, disputed New England's decision and reason for placing him on injured reserve in January.

"I heard they put me on IR and stuff like that. That was just a false report," Spikes said Monday during a radio interview with WGR in Buffalo. "That's just how things go there. Almost like what happened with [Aqib] Talib and his hip.

"That was just from the labor throughout the season, man. It was just -- you know how it is -- it's a tough 16 games. All I needed was rest and rehab."

Talib, who the Patriots listed as having a hip injury last season, also took a shot at New England's injury reporting after signing with the Denver Broncos.

"The Patriots have their way of reporting stuff, but I haven't had a hip problem since Tampa," Talib said Wednesday. "The injury I had was actually a quad injury. It was reported as a hip injury, but that's how they do things."

Spikes dealt with a nagging knee injury last season and was placed on injured reserve Jan. 6, prior to the Patriots' first playoff game. ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen reported the Patriots and Spikes mutually agreed to the IR designation as opposed to an outright release after the linebacker was late to a team meeting that week.

Spikes' agent later denied that it was a joint decision.

"The team's decision to place Brandon on injured reserve was not a mutual decision, nor need it be," Gary Uberstine said in a statement. "Brandon had every intention to keep playing throughout the playoffs, despite the pain he was experiencing throughout the season. We never had a single conversation with the Patriots in which they threatened to release him if he didn't accept the injured reserve designation."

The Bills signed Spikes to a one-year, $3.25 million deal Friday. He reflected on his stint with the Patriots on Monday, saying "I wouldn't say happy," when asked about his time with New England.

"It's always great to start over and get a re-up and have a fresh start somewhere," Spikes said during the interview. "Somewhere you're wanted, where people love you there and they're excited about you being there.

"It's just great. [To] be somewhere I'm wanted -- that was the whole thing for me."