Patriots post email exchanges on website, frustrated with league

The New England Patriots shared a February email exchange with NFL general counsel Jeff Pash on the Wellsreportcontext.com website Friday, highlighting their frustration with the league over what the team characterized as failing to correct certain Deflategate media reports and investigate where the information originated from.

In the email exchanges, Patriots general counsel Robyn Glaser wrote to Pash that reporting by the media, including two ESPN reports, was "profoundly damaging to our brand" and pointedly demanded the NFL correct them.

The first ESPN report, citing four sources familiar with the investigation, referenced in the emails was that locker-room attendant Jim McNally tried to introduce an unapproved special teams football into the AFC Championship Game.

The second was that the NFL found that 11 of the Patriots' 12 game balls were inflated significantly below the NFL's requirements; the ESPN report said that the league's investigation found the footballs to be 2 pounds per square inch below what's required.

In the email exchanges, the Patriots officials asked the NFL to release PSI measurements publicly -- stating that the league was the only entity in possession of them -- as they would exonerate the franchise.

Pash responded that he did not condone any media leaks, didn't believe they came from the NFL, and expressed concern that releasing PSI measurements would put more attention on Deflategate. He added that he spoke with attorney Ted Wells, who led the investigation into the Patriots' footballs, about media leaks and would do what he could to stop them from occurring.