Barnwell's offseason report cards for all 32 NFL teams

After months of endless rumors, mock drafts and the occasional actual transaction, the player movement portion of the NFL offseason is basically over. So, now that everything is settled, let's run through the NFL and take a bird's-eye view of each team's offseason. Click the links below to read how I graded your team's offseason.

Arizona Cardinals: Arizona finally got its superstar pass-rusher, while using its first-round pick on the kind of high-risk, high-reward player the Cardinals have had success developing in the past. How did the Cardinals grade out?

Atlanta Falcons: Although the Falcons finally found a reliable center in Alex Mack, they way overpaid for a No. 2 receiver. How did the Falcons grade out?

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens added talent to the receiving corps, but a terrible cap situation forced them to commit $44 million more in guaranteed money to Joe Flacco. How did the Ravens grade out?

Buffalo Bills: Buffalo did well to keep its offensive line together by re-signing Richie Incognito and Cordy Glenn, even though it might have overpaid for Glenn. How did the Bills grade out?

Carolina Panthers: Carolina had the best value signing of the offseason (DE Charles Johnson for $2 million), but it also lost All-Pro CB Josh Norman. How did the Panthers grade out?

Chicago Bears: Chicago maneuvered the draft well and found two relatively cheap three-down inside linebackers in free agency. How did the Bears grade out?

Cincinnati Bengals: While losing Hue Jackson is a blow, the Bengals did a good job of sticking by their formula that has led to success. How did the Bengals grade out?

Cleveland Browns: Cleveland traded down in the draft, then traded down some more, acquiring a haul of future picks in the process. How did the Browns grade out?

Dallas Cowboys: Dallas wisely stayed out of the free-agency fray ... then proceeded to use its top two draft picks in a strange manner. How did the Cowboys grade out?

Denver Broncos: Mark Sanchez might just be an upgrade at QB for Denver, but a ton of major contributors from last year's Super Bowl run are no longer around. How did the Broncos grade out?

Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson's surprise retirement precipitated the Lions' paying a premium for WR Marvin Jones. How did the Lions grade out?

Green Bay Packers: Ted Thompson did what Ted Thompson does, which usually turns out pretty well. It would've been nice to find a better option at ILB, though. How did the Packers grade out?

Houston Texans: The Texans were right to shell out for Brock Osweiler after enduring years of subpar play behind center. How did the Texans grade out?

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts did the opposite of what they normally do, passing on the chance to sign aging, overpriced free agents. How did the Colts grade out?

Jacksonville Jaguars: Lacking talent on defense and flush with cap room, the Jaguars were smart in how they targeted needs in free agency and the draft. How did the Jaguars grade out?

Kansas City Chiefs: After a free-agent period in which they were overly aggressive locking up aging vets, the Chiefs picked up a ton of draft capital by trading back. How did the Chiefs grade out?

Los Angeles Rams: With no franchise QB on the roster, Los Angeles gave up a bounty of draft picks to get Jared Goff. The Rams are all-in, for better or worse. How did the Rams grade out?

Miami Dolphins: Miami traded away draft picks left and right, one of which acquired CB Byron Maxwell, an expensive and struggling veteran. How did the Dolphins grade out?

Minnesota Vikings: Not much went wrong in Minnesota, where the Vikings added a ton of depth to their O-line and secondary. How did the Vikings grade out?

New England Patriots: Getting back old offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia could help protect Tom Brady better when he returns from his four-game suspension. How did the Patriots grade out?

New Orleans Saints: New Orleans continued to make nonsensical free-agent moves, this time signing TE Coby Fleener to a rich deal when the defense needed a ton of help. How did the Saints grade out?

New York Giants: The Giants made massive upgrades to their defense, but they overpaid just about everyone. How did the Giants grade out?

New York Jets: It doesn't look as if the Jets are going to be able to get a long-term deal done with Muhammad Wilkerson. Oh, and they also don't have a proven QB on the roster. How did the Jets grade out?

Oakland Raiders: Oakland stole away a big-time contributor from a division rival, while building one of the league's deepest offensive lines. How did the Raiders grade out?

Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh has a major question mark at left tackle but did well targeting its needs in the draft. How did the Steelers grade out?

Philadelphia Eagles: Bizarre moves at quarterback overshadow shrewd trades involving overpaid leftovers from the Chip Kelly era. How did the Eagles grade out?

San Diego Chargers: San Diego addressed two major areas of need -- defense and offensive line -- but mishandled the Eric Weddle situation. How did the Chargers grade out?

San Francisco 49ers: Although the 49ers did well to hire Chip Kelly and hold on to Colin Kaepernick, they did little to improve their WR corps. How did the 49ers grade out?

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson might again be running for his life behind this O-line, but at least Seattle resisted the urge to overpay a running back in free agency. How did the Seahawks grade out?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Letting Lovie Smith go and re-signing RB Doug Martin to a big deal both seemed like rash and unnecessary decisions. How did the Buccaneers grade out?

Tennessee Titans: The Titans received a haul of picks trading down from No. 1 ... then spent a second-rounder on a running back. Come on! How did the Titans grade out?

Washington: Scot McCloughan & Co. landed CB Josh Norman later in the free-agent process, significantly upgrading their secondary. How did Washington grade out?