Pats 53-man roster projection (v. 3)

Not much has changed injury-wise since ESPNBoston.com's Patriots roster projection 2.0 was posted last week. But the performance of some players certainly has.

Quarterback Tim Tebow is near the top of the list in that category, as his 1-for-7 passing performance against the Buccaneers, for minus-1 yard, might have him on shaky ground for a roster spot.

As always, we can expect some surprises when the real cuts are made, as teams must be down to 75 players by Aug. 27, and 53 players by Aug. 31.

Running back Leon Washington is a new consideration in the potential "surprise" category. He simply hasn't received much opportunity at this point, but that could always change.

Do the Patriots view Washington's kickoff return skills and locker-room presence a must-have? That is now one of the more intriguing questions to consider.