Savard feeling better; headaches remain

BOSTON -- Boston Bruins forward Marc Savard, who suffered a Grade 2 concussion last month, was in the team's locker room Thursday morning and said he's starting to feel better.

"I've been getting out in the last week and I'm starting to do some stuff," Savard said. "I've been cooped up in that house a lot."

Savard said he is "getting excited" because he is feeling better, but said he is still experiencing headaches and was scheduled to see a doctor again Thursday.

"There's still minor headaches and stuff I'm still cautious about," Savard said. "Until those go away, I'm not going to be able to come back. Right now, I'm cheering on the boys. I'm able to watch now and I'm feeling better, that's for sure."

Savard is still not allowed to participate in any physical activities and is not expected to return to the ice no matter how far the Bruins go in the playoffs.

"I haven't even though of that stuff [working out] right now," he said. "I'm just trying to get healthy. I'm taking steps in the right direction right now in this last week. I've been able to get outside and get some color and walk around. I definitely feel a lot better."

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