New England local carves 'World Championship Tree' in honor of Boston sports

In New England, let's just say fans can combine their passion for their sports teams with just about anything. For some fans, it could be as simple as bringing up Big Papi's homer in the seventh to stir some motivation with their workers. For others, it means inputting their team's glory into their daily work.

Take Jesse Green, for example. Green works with chainsaws to create art and also happens to be a New England local. Yes, we said chainsaws.

That said, say hello to the "World Championship Tree," carved by Green.

According to his social posts, the carving was inspired by a 2011 ESPN magazine cover story on Boston as the "Championship City," depicting a hand with four championship rings for the New England Patriots, the Boston Bruins, the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Celtics.

"The Machine Jesse Green" has been "carving dreams into a reality since 1997." Green says he loves cheeseburgers, the sleeves cut off his shirts and, as if we even need to say it, chainsaws and New England sports.