Fan: Bruins gave me tickets for life

A 77-year-old Boston Bruins fan has revealed that the team gave her tickets for life when she said she couldn't afford them anymore.

According to The Boston Globe, Marge Bishop of Gloucester, Mass., has had front-row seats for the Bruins since the late 1960s. Bishop, who worked in customer service for Tupperware for years, and her husband, who works in construction, decided they couldn't afford their tickets when prices of their seats went from $73 to $90 in 2004.

Because Bishop was known around the rink -- Zamboni drivers knew her by name because she gave them chocolates between periods -- the Bruins asked whether she would be willing to move to cheaper seats, but she declined.

Then she received a call from the son of owner Jeremy Jacobs, Charlie Jacobs.

According to The Globe, he invited her to a Jimmy Fund event at Fenway Park, then asked her to join the season-ticket advisory board. Even though the renewal window had closed, he also made sure her tickets weren't released to the public. So the Bishops stuck with them.

When the 2006-07 season came around and the tickets went from $90 to $150, however, that was it. Bishop said they were done. Again Jacobs stepped in, inviting her to a behind-the-scenes tour of TD Garden. He showed her his plastic card that allowed him access to all games and areas of the arena.

"He could go to any game he wanted at any time," Bishop said, according to the Globe. "At first I didn't know why he was showing me it."

Then Jacobs gave her her own card.

"It was the most unbelievable gesture," Bishop said, according to the newspaper. "People just don't do things like that."

She kept the gesture to herself for years but finally decided she wanted the world to know about Jacobs' generosity.

"I'm just a regular person," Bishop said, according to The Globe. "And I've been given this remarkable once-in-a-lifetime gift. It's incredible. It's the most remarkable story."