Bob Ryan to retire from Boston Globe

Bob Ryan, who has been a sports reporter and columnist at the Boston Globe since 1969, will retire from the newspaper following the Olympic Games in London this summer.

"The secret's out," Ryan said Tuesday on ESPN's "B.S. Report" podcast. "I'm going to the London Olympics, then I'm saying goodbye."

Ryan will continue to write for the Globe on a part-time basis following the Olympics, according to the newspaper's website, although Ryan said on the podcast he will be "scaling it way back" after the Games.

"I really and truly believe that my time has come and gone, that the dynamics of the business, of what it takes to be involved in the business with all the tweeting and the blogging and that stuff, with an audience with a different taste ... I'm not comfortable -- it's not me any more.

"I very happily say I've had a great run, and I think it's time for somebody else to have their run."

Ryan also is a regular contributor on ESPN programming, and while he said he hasn't worked out whether he will continue doing TV work, he said, "If they want me on TV, that's great."

Ryan, who has won numerous local and national awards over his career, covered the Celtics for the Globe for nearly 20 years before becoming a full-time columnist in 1989.