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Tuesday, June 3
Tyson-Lewis? The computer speaks

It may not be the best fight of the year, but it is certainly the most anticipated. Can Lewis' chin take Tyson's bombs? Does Tyson have anything left? Will this be a fight or a spectacle? The questions are endless, and to give us a little insight into what the computer thinks, we used the premier boxing simulator, Title Fight 2001 to pick a winner. Lewis or Tyson? The computer speaks.

We are at The Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee for this 12-round heavyweight title fight. Your referee is Eddie Cotton.

ROUND ONE: Lewis actually tries to draw first blood, throwing a quick combination that Tyson easily avoids. Mike responds with a right hand to the head, but Lewis absorbs it easily. Lewis clinches and Tyson pushes him off. Tyson swings a wild left and right that miss the mark. Lewis nails Tyson with a flush overhand right and Mike staggers. Tyson recovers quickly and moves inside, landing an uppercut to the jaw. Lewis steps back and lands a short left hook to the head. The fight moves to the corner and Lewis misses a wide uppercut as the bell rings. ROUND TO LEWIS

ROUND TWO: Both meet at the center of the ring and Tyson lands a hook to Lewis' ribs. Lewis grabs Tyson and pushes his head down, bringing a warning from referee Eddie Cotton. As they meet up again, Tyson brings his head up and Lewis reels backward from the butt. Unfortunately Tyson gets the worse of it, getting cut under his right eye. Tyson swarms Lewis, but Lennox is able to block most of the punches with his arms. Lewis lands a couple of quick shots and then moves away. Lewis catches Tyson coming in with an uppercut, but "Iron Mike" weaves out of the way of the follow-up right hand. Tyson fires a lead right but misses. Lewis makes him pay with a right hand and Tyson takes a step back. Lewis tries another right but misses, and Tyson counters with a right hand that hurts the champion. The bell rings before Tyson can follow up. ROUND TO TYSON

ROUND THREE: Lewis opens the round with a short right to the head. Tyson responds with two combinations to the head. He follows up with a short hook to the head and Lewis appears to be stunned. A right hand lands flush and Lewis stumbles, almost going down. Tyson misses wildly and Lewis holds on. Tyson lands a couple of glancing shots on Lewis, who is now in defensive mode. With a minute left in the round, Lewis' head seems to have cleared and he lands a crisp 1-2. Tyson is getting wild late in the round, and missing with wide shots. ROUND TO TYSON

ROUND FOUR: Tyson gets inside immediately of Lewis, but there is not much clean punching going on, just a lot of wrestling. Lewis misses and Tyson responds with a double hook to the chest and head. Lewis attempts an uppercut, but Tyson is able to block it with his gloves. Tyson is able to force Lewis into the corner and he lands a wicked right cross that staggers the champion. Lewis is able to weather the storm though, by using his jab to get out of trouble. The two wrestle some more on the inside, and after Cotton breaks them, Lewis rips off a four punch combination that hurts Tyson at the bell. ROUND TO TYSON

ROUND FIVE: Not much action for the first thirty seconds, until Lewis lands an uppercut that jolts Tyson. The two wrestle on the inside, and Lewis gets warned for using his head. Tyson pushes Lewis, but calm is restored. Lewis lands a flush left hook and grimaces, possible hurting the hand. Lewis throws another hook and misses, and Tyson counters well. Tyson clinches and Cotton is forced to break them again. Lewis doubles up on his left hook, and Tyson fires back with a 1-2 of his own. Tyson moves straight back and Lewis lands another hook, this time hurting Tyson. The bell sounds. ROUND TO LEWIS

ROUND SIX: Tyson comes out fast and immediately wings a left hook. It lands flush and Lewis goes down, twenty seconds into the round. The crowd erupts. Lewis shakes his head to clear the cobwebs, and with the help of the ropes is able to make it up at the count of eight. His legs are unsteady as Cotton waves the two combatants back together. Tyson lands a straight right that draws blood from Lewis' lip. Tyson fires away on the inside, including an uppercut that buckles Lewis' knees. Tyson lands another hook, and Lewis holds on for dear life. Lewis won't let go, and once Cotton breaks them he gets on his bike, trying to avoid his onrushing foe. Tyson misses wildly and Lewis puts him in a headlock. The bell rings and Lewis has survived. ROUND TO TYSON

ROUND SEVEN: Both men are showing the first signs of fatigue, with Lewis seemingly in worse shape. Most of the round is spent clinching and wrestling, and the crowd is getting restless. Lewis lands a couple of point scoring blows, but none have any effect. ROUND TO LEWIS

ROUND EIGHT: Lewis immediately ties up Tyson, and once again Cotton is called into duty to break them. Lewis lands a lazy hook and Tyson answers with a stiff left hand that gets the champ's attention. Lewis feints and lands a straight right, followed by a 1-2, his best punches in a couple of rounds. With a minute left, Lewis opens up and Tyson doesn't respond. Tyson clinches to catch a breath. Tyson rallies with some good body shots late, but it's Lewis' round. ROUND TO LEWIS

ROUND NINE: No one figured this fight would go this far. Both fighters trade hooks with little effect. Lewis misses a series of jabs, and Tyson moves in, landing a quick uppercut that snaps the champion's head back. Lewis responds with an uppercut of his own that staggers Tyson. They wrestle again, and Lewis keeps throwing punches with his free hand. With thirty seconds left, Tyson lands a quick combination and the crowd roars. They move inside and with Lewis' head down, Tyson lands a couple of rabbit punches, bringing a warning and a point deduction from an incredulous Tyson. Tyson jumps on Lewis, but the bell intervenes. The two continue to battle after the bell, bringing Cotton in to separate them. ROUND TO LEWIS

ROUND TEN: Exhaustion has set in for both fighters, and Lewis misses wildly to start the tenth. Tyson lands a lead right and they both clinch. Lewis lands a weak right and backpedals away. Tyson throws a lazy right and gets greeted with a straight right hand from Lewis. Lewis lands an uppercut and a hook and they clinch again. Cotton warns Lewis again for headbutting but there are no point deductions. With seconds left, Tyson charges back in and gets caught with a well-timed left hook that staggers him. ROUND TO LEWIS

ROUND ELEVEN: Both men circle each other, looking for an opening. They move in and clinch again. Lewis lands a hook on the inside, and follows it with a right cross. The fighters are open for a finishing shot, but too tired to throw it. The crowd boos at the bell. EVEN ROUND

ROUND TWELVE: Lewis misses a wide hook to start the round. Tyson moves in and lands some strong hooks to the body. Tyson backs up and lands an overhand right, his best punch in some time, and Lewis is hurt. Lewis clinches desperately, and his eyes look glassy. Tyson misses wildly with an uppercut, but gets inside and snaps Lewis' head back with a 1-2. Only the ropes seem to be holding the champion up. Lewis clinches again, and once they break, Tyson is too tired to land the finisher. The crowd erupts at the bell

The judges score this bout as follows:
Judge Bob Logist scores it 115-111 for Lennox Lewis
Judge Anek Hongtongkam scores it 115-111 for Mike Tyson
Judge Alfred Bukwana scores it 114-113 for your winner, and NEW heavyweight champion of the world.Mike Tyson

Tyson's last round rally proves to be the deciding factor in the bout.

All the Tyson fans should be happy with that result, but even though I don't see the bout playing out that way, anything is possible. For the sake of statistical accuracy, I ran the fight one hundred times each under a variety of circumstances.

If Lewis fights as a boxer - Lewis wins 65 percent of 100 bouts, with 30 KOs
If Lewis fights as a slugger - Lewis wins 58 percent of 100 bouts with 31 KOs and 3 DQ wins
If Tyson comes in with ring rust - Lewis wins 55 percent of 100 bouts with 33 KOs and 2 DQ wins
If Tyson comes in with camp distractions - Lewis wins 59 percent of 100 bouts with 33 KOs and 2 DQ wins
If Lewis overtrained - Lewis wins 54 percent of 100 bouts with 36 KOs and 1 DQ win
If Lewis comes in with camp distractions - Lewis wins 51 percent of 100 bouts with 30 KOs

Just for fun, a prime Mike Tyson would beat a prime Lewis 68 percent of the time, with 51 KOs in 100 bouts.