Friday Night Fights
 Monday, September 6
Sugar Ray Robinson wins split decision from Ali
 ESPN2 Friday Night Fights concluded its "Pound-for-Pound Month" on Friday Nov. 27 by revealing the "All-Time Pound-for-Pound Fighter" lists of analysts Teddy Atlas and Max Kellerman, and boxing fans voting on While Atlas and Kellerman agreed Sugar Ray Robinson was the greatest pound-for-pound fighter of all time, voters chose Muhammad Ali as "The Greatest."

Ali received nearly four times as many first place votes from participants than did runner-up Robinson.

  1. Sugar Ray Robinson
1. Sugar Ray Robinson
1. Muhammad Ali
  2. Henry Armstrong
2. Henry Armstrong
2. Alexis Arguello
  3. Muhammad Ali
3. Muhammad Ali
3. Henry Armstrong
  4. Harry Greb
4. Benny Leonard
4. Sugar Ray Robinson
  5. Sam Langford
5. Sam Langford
5. Joe Louis
  6. Pernell Whitaker
6. Harry Greb
6. Roy Jones Jr.
  7. Roberto Duran
7. Mickey Walker
7. Julio Cesar Chavez
  8. Willie Pep
8. Roberto Duran
8. Abe Attel
  9. Benny Leonard
9. Gene Tunney
9. Ray Leonard
  10. Ezzard Charles
10. Carlos Monzon
10. Rocky Marciano
  10a. Jimmy Wilde
10a. Joe Louis
10a. Wilfred Benitez
"I'm quite honored that so many still consider me "The Greatest." However, there were many who went before me who paved the way, and my idol will always be Sugar Ray Robinson, who was, and remains, one of the best pound-for-pound fighters to have ever lived in this century." - Muhammad Ali

While there were many similarities among the lists, Kellerman, Atlas, ringside commentator Bob Papa and studio host Brian Kenny were particularly surprised that fans listed Abe Attel in their top 10. Attel was a featherweight champ around the turn of the century who made a record number of title defenses.

When asked if any current boxer could rank with Robinson, Kellerman said, "Roy Jones, Jr. comes to mind in terms of physical talent. But Robinson combined all the physical talents and natural athleticism with incredible skill -- the scientific skill which Jones does not have, and the toughness which Jones has yet to display."