Kell Brook injuries vs Golovkin likened to car crash injuries

Andrew Couldridge/Reuters

Kell Brook's trainer Dominic Ingle has likened the facial injuries sustained by the fighter against Gennady Golovkin to those suffered in car crashes.

Golovkin broke Brook's eye socket on his way to victory by fifth-round stoppage and Ingle laid bare the ferociousness of the injuries he sustained.

"It's a common injury you have in car crashes, because your face hits the dashboard and cracks the bone in the front of your face," Ingle told Sky Sports.

"I've had one other fighter with that injury a few years back and he said the same thing. He said he felt his eye dropping into his socket, so when you hear someone saying that in the corner you think this sounds familiar.

"He said it feels like my eyes dropping and he kept trying to push it back up and it was going blurry. You have got an idea that something serious is going on. It's not just a thump or a bump in the eye, there is something more to it than that."

Brook, faces Errol Spence for the IBF welterweight title on May 27 and Ingle suggested he might not have had the chance if he had received any further blows from Golovkin.

"When he got to the hospital I think the doctor said that anymore punches on that and it could have been, not fatal, but it could have cost you your eye sight."