Boxer DeAndre Ware gets key to city from Toledo

For his efforts in saving the life of a Top Rank staffer before weigh-ins for his fight against Steve Nelson last month, boxer DeAndre Ware received the key to the city of Toledo, Ohio, on Thursday.

"I am so honored to receive this," Ware said. "This is the biggest honor that a city can give to someone. I actually did think that one day I would get a key to the city, but I thought it would be for winning a world title. In a way, it did come from boxing, though, as this happened at one of my fights, so it is the best of both worlds."

On Sept. 4, about a half-hour before the boxers were to hit the scales, Pete Susens suffered a heart attack inside the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas. Ware, who is a Toledo firefighter and an EMT, jumped into action by performing chest compressions, which began to revive Susens. Ware continued to assist the doctor on site until more assistance arrived.

Susens was eventually taken to the hospital.

Ware, 32, tweeted after the incident: "I'm here for my fight but I had to put EMS skills to work and do some cpr. Happy to say the guy was talking a bit and was alert headed to the hospital. I'm thankful! I feel I saved a life."