Gervonta Davis to serve remainder of 90-day sentence in jail

Boxing star Gervonta Davis will serve the remainder of his sentence for a hit-and-run crash behind bars after violating the rules of his home detention.

Davis, who was taken into custody Thursday, was supposed to serve a 90-day sentence at the home of his trainer, Calvin Ford, after pleading guilty last month to four counts stemming from a November 2020 crash that injured four people, including a pregnant woman.

Instead, Davis moved to a luxury hotel and then a new home, without permission, the Maryland state's attorney's office confirmed to the Associated Press on Friday. Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Althea Handy, who presided over Davis's case, did not give permission for either move, and as a result ordered Davis to serve out the remainder of his sentence at the city's jail.

Davis' attorney, Michael Tomko, indicated that the address his client gave at sentencing for serving his home detention was too small for the boxer and his security detail, state's attorney's office spokesperson Emily Witty said in an email to the Associated Press on Friday.

Davis, 28, was also sentenced to three years' probation and 200 hours of community service last month. The ruling came down less than two weeks after Davis scored a seventh-round TKO victory over Ryan Garcia in the biggest fight of his career.

Davis, a Baltimore native, was also facing a misdemeanor domestic violence charge of battery causing bodily harm, but prosecutors in Broward County, Florida, dropped the case last week after the accuser said she didn't wish to press charges.