NFL Week 10 early betting look: Buy 2-6 Browns as favorites vs. 6-2 Bills?


Besides the Thursday night and Monday night games in Week 9, the home team won all 11 games played on U.S. soil. The week prior, it was the moneyline favorite parlays that were cashing at an extreme rate. I don't look to blindly bet home teams or stay away from teams on the road; the home-field advantage is accounted for in the point spread. But some people are more comfortable staying away from road teams -- especially short favorites -- and it's an approach that paid off in a big way in Week 9.

The Week 10 card as a whole is pretty ugly. I haven't placed a single wager yet. Interestingly enough, the market hasn't moved much, either (more on that later).

I've seen multiple people refer to Bills-Browns as a wild point spread, seeing as the 2-6 team is favored over the 6-2 team. I actually think the line is fair.