College football betting tips: Georgia poised to play LSU tight

Georgia's Kirby Smart is 7-2 ATS with four outright wins as an underdog. Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

"You play like you practice," the old coaches' adage goes -- and it's mostly true. To know what's likely to happen on Saturday, you've got to know what's happening in the meeting rooms and on the practice fields during the week.

That's why the college football practice report is here for you every Friday with the inside word on weekly preparations around the country.

We'll check in on depth charts, game plans, personnel and health; unmask practice standouts ready to break out; assess the quality of prep, the mood of the fans and the coaches' message for the week; and let you know who's distracted and who's dialed in. All so that you can make more educated wagers.

All odds from Caesars Sportsbook as of Thursday.

LSU Tigers (-6.5, 54.5) vs. Georgia Bulldogs

Is this the week that scaling back practice finally burns LSU?

Since getting past Alabama, the Tigers have been backing off the physicality during the week to stay fresh. That was the right move at the time, but getting back to hitting and live tackling might be the right move now. Ed Orgeron has kept to the script of the past few weeks, though, and we think it could be a mistake. Georgia is the most physical team and best defense LSU has seen since Auburn, and the Tigers are going to need to match the Bulldogs' physicality to have a chance. Skill players only decide the game when neither side gains clear control of the line of scrimmage.