Best Week 1 NFL Eliminator picks

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs take on the Texans in the NFL season opener. AP Photo/Ed Zurga

Welcome to 2020 Eliminator Challenge. The rules are simple: Pick a winner each week, and don't use the same team twice. If you win all 17 weeks (or outlast your group members), you win. You can find all the rules here.

This article will look at the top Eliminator options each week, using betting lines, ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI), trends, future schedules and anything else that will help determine the best picks. (For more on how FPI is calculated, click here and here.)

You can't map out the whole season in advance because teams you thought would be good might not be so good, and teams you thought would stink could surprise (OK, the Jaguars probably won't surprise). It's tough to use one of the teams you hoped to save for later in the season, but the name of the game is survive and advance, so you have to get through Week 1 first.

With that in mind, here are the top picks for Week 1 of the NFL season.

Top picks

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans