ESPN's NFL Eliminator Challenge cheat sheet

Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Survivor pools are tough. Should you use a top team like the Arizona Cardinals or Tennessee Titans this week, or save them for later in the season? Maybe you've already picked the Tennessee Titans or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so you have to scramble to find a team you feel confident in at this point.

Here's where the ESPN Eliminator Challenge cheat sheet can help you with your survivor pools. Follow the link below, and you'll find every team's expected win percentage in each of their remaining matchups, to help you decide which selections are optimal given the schedule. Since Mike Clay has projected the remaining regular season matchups, you can see which weeks are loaded with multiple heavy favorites, which week is your "only chance" to use certain squads, and which weeks would force you to play strategically the rest of the way.

Check back here regularly, as the sheet is updated every Tuesday morning following the completion of the previous week's games, and account for situations such as injuries or personnel changes.

Congratulations for staying afloat this late into the NFL season, and best of luck!

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