Pierre Garcon drops lawsuit against FanDuel amid settlement

Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garçon has dropped his lawsuit against daily fantasy sports company FanDuel after the two sides agreed to a settlement.

Garçon's lawyer, Brian Murphy, told ESPN.com on Tuesday that the parties resolved the case on confidential terms, which led his client to file a voluntary dismissal to the court on Monday.

Garçon was seeking to collect more than $5 million on behalf of NFL players who he claimed were having their names and images used by the daily fantasy company without their approval.

In the class-action lawsuit filed in October in the U.S. District Court of Maryland, Garçon said his name appeared 53 times in a 28.5-minute FanDuel infomercial.

Although FanDuel competitor DraftKings was the one with the licensing deal with the NFL Players Association, there is at least some legal precedent to suggest that FanDuel didn't need permission. Major League Baseball lost a case to a fantasy company named C.B.C. in 2007 when the Eighth Circuit concluded that the first amendment trumps rights of publicity when names are tied to statistics.

Garçon had previously tweeted advertisements for FanDuel in 2014. That information was not disclosed in the lawsuit.