Browns are underdogs in every game of 2016 season

The NFL regular season doesn't begin until Thursday, September 8, but you can already start picking winners -- and losers -- deep into December.

Cantor Technology has just released lines for every game of the 2016 regular season, aside from Week 17. And one trend in particular caught our eye: The Cleveland Browns are underdogs in every game.

That's right, Robert Griffin III & Co. are getting points -- sometimes a bunch of them -- against everyone, from the Philadelphia Eagles on the road in Week 1 (7.5) to the San Diego Chargers at home in Week 16 (2).

They are getting as many as 11.5 points at Cincinnati in Week 7, and as few as that pair against San Diego.

But don't worry, Browns fans, you still have Week 17's line to look forward to ... oh wait, Cleveland at Pittsburgh? Never mind.