Sports bettor hauls in $106,181 on 'Jeopardy!'

Professional sports bettor James Holzhauer continues to shatter "Jeopardy!" records.

The 34-year-old from Illinois won $106,181 during the episode that aired Tuesday, the second-highest total on a single day in the popular game show's 35-year history. The highest single-day mark is $110,914, which Holzhauer set on April 9.

Holzhauer correctly answered Tuesday's Final Jeopardy, adding $40,000 to the $66,181 he won in the first two rounds. In the category "International News," he responded with "What is Crimea?" to the answer "In 2014, this 10,000-square-mile region moved its clocks forward two hours to Moscow Standard Time."

It was Holzhauer's ninth straight win, and the victory brought his total winnings to $566,660. He is now entrenched in second place on the show's all-time winnings list. Holzhauer won $89,159 on April 12, which means he now holds the top three single-day marks in "Jeopardy!" history.

Ken Jennings holds the all-time earnings and winning streak records, with more than $2.5 million won during his 74-game win streak in 2004.

Las Vegas sportsbooks sources confirmed to ESPN's David Purdum that Holzhauer is a respected bettor. Holzhauer told ESPN that he has been betting on sports since 2006, and he started by focusing on baseball futures before gravitating to football, basketball and hockey.

"Now, I focus largely on in-game betting, where the oddsmaker often struggles to put an accurate line with only few seconds to think about it," Holzhauer told ESPN in an email. "I think my work is similar to an investment bank, except that I'm the analyst, trader, fund manager and day trader all into one."

According to the website "The Jeopardy! Fan," Holzhauer has correctly answered 300 of his first 313 attempts on the show.