Tournament Challenge by the numbers

The Final Four looks nothing like the users of ESPN.com's Tournament Challenge predicted.

More than 1.5 million people participated and of the more than 3 million entries submitted only four -- that's right, four -- picked a Final Four including Florida, George Mason, LSU and UCLA before the tournament started. Over 66 percent of entries had none of the Final Four teams correct and better than 29 percent had exactly two teams correct.

As you probably guessed, George Mason is the team that busted the most brackets. The Patriots were picked in 1,853 entries to make the Final Four, with only 677 putting them in the championship game and only 284 predicting George Mason winning the national championship. UCLA, on the other hand, got the most support -- more than 24 percent of all entries have the Bruins advancing to Indianapolis.

Users also paid dearly for pinning their hopes on the No. 1 seeds. Only 7 percent predicted a Final Four with none of the top seeds and just over 13 percent had a Final Four that did not include both Duke and Connecticut.

More interesting bracket tidbits from ESPN.com's Tournament Challenge.

  • Entries with one Final Four team left: 30%

  • Entries with three Final Four teams left: 0.1%

  • Entries with Florida in the Final Four: 11%

  • Entries with Florida winning it all: 1%

  • Entries with LSU in the Final Four: 5%

  • Entries with LSU winning it all: .4%

  • Entries with UCLA winning it all: 2%

  • Entries without Duke in the Final Four: 37%

  • Entries without UConn in the Final Four: 31%