Vote: Future of NBA lottery teams

As the NBA draft approaches (ESPN, Wednesday, June 28, 7 ET), the story appears to be as much about the players who are not up for grabs as it is about the actual candidates for selection. Potential stars like Greg Oden and Joakim Noah aren't involved, leaving the teams at the top of the draft board to consider a field loaded with talent but lacking guaranteed stars.

Did Tyrus Thomas show enough in one season at LSU to merit the top pick? How good will college stars like Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick be in the NBA? And where do international players like Andrea Bargnani fit in the mix?

The ESPN.com Mock Draft Machine gives you an opportunity to sort out the picks and see how your mock compares to SportsNation voters and NBA Insider Chad Ford. But what about the teams making the picks? Which lottery teams are looking to add a piece to a solid foundation, and which teams are desperately hoping for a cure to all their ills? Help us sort out the state of the teams picking in the lottery.

Check the map: Washington one of nine states that would not take Adam Morrison No. 1.

SportsNation chat wraps: Chad Ford