Fans roll with Saban coaching change

SportsNation is abuzz with talk about Nick Saban's jump from the Dolphins to Alabama.

Here are a few of the comments from the ESPN.com message boards:

On the NFL board
So let me get this straight: Mike Shula gets the axe so they go to Saban who works with (so to speak) Mike Shulas Dad Don Shula to take Mike Shulas place at Alabama. Where is Dave Shula in all of this?

Ok, makes perfect sense.
-- cincygreg

Nick Saban Associated PressNick Saban will be back on the college sidelines next season.

Put yourself in his shoes for a moment. First of all, are you going to turn away $32 million?

Secondly, he has had success in college, NOT in the pro ranks. If he failed to reach the playoffs next year in Miami, he's likely fired, and then what?

In college, you get to recruit top athletes, recruit enough of them and you're going to compete. In the pros, you rely on a couple draft picks and hope that free agent signings pay off. In college, you recruit 10 four or five-star recruits at a program like Alabama. You have a better shot at winning with that formula, and given his college coaching resume, he will have NO problem getting top recruits to play for him, especially at a university steep with tradition.
-- Onwis242

On the Miami board
saban just exercising his constitutional right to work where he wants... i say let's get over it and move foward... i'm not the least bit upset or hurt... if he prefers the college environment let'em go... don't sweat this dude... who can blame him... he's getting a relatively more stable gig, he's making a boat load of cash, his family is happy, cost of living is better, alabama is giving him what he wants... i just feel for the zach and jason... the team is no where near better off sense he's been in charge... the team still has the loser mentality
-- pbfisawesome

I'm actually not a Dolphins fan I'm a Niner fan, but I hate to see this happen to any team really (except the Cowboys). Dolphins are a classy organization and I hope they learn from this experience and hire a promising assitant with NFL experience. High profile college coaches seem to almost NEVER work out at the NFL level.
-- HardRock49

The talk is that maybe Wayne will go after Petrino out of Louisville ... But right now everyone is gonna be rumored to be coming down here. One thing I'd like to see is for Wayne to look past the hot sexy pic and find the RIGHT person for the job. Sean Payton, Lovie Smith and Mangini weren't being talked up much but look at the result ...
-- spectreC130

On the Alabama board
Well Well Well. It looks like the cow college might be a little shaken. Auburn and Shula have one thing in common. They have never won a NC. Alabama and Saban have, and probably will again. Even if he leaves in a few years he will get our program back to where it needs to be. Auburn will still win 10 games a year. An aubie once said to me that Alabama has a past and auburn has a future. You should have seen the look on his face today!
-- jblake10990

Saban wanted to go back and coach at the college level and doing it at a place with great tradition. That's more than I can say for auburn.

Saban is a great coach and he will win big at Alabama. The amazing thing is there's great talent in Tuscaloosa now and it will even get better with Nick Saban as head coach.

Roll Tide!!
-- ktdbama21

On the college football board
He's the Larry Brown of the NFL, he'll never stay anywhere for any length of time. Watch, in 2 or 3 years another program will come calling and he'll leave for that because of $'s.
-- announcerguydrew

Saban is a great coach but so is Tuberville, Richt, Fulmer, Meyer, and Miles so I don't think we'll dominate like we use to but that's okay because I like competitive games unlike what we seen under Shula. I guarantee you that we will make the conference even stronger which is the way it should be. I'm tired of the Iron Bowl and other conference games being an automatic loss for our team.

Roll Tide!
-- rolltide1283