Fans slug back at Bonds

On the heels of voters denying Mark McGwire entry to the Baseball Hall of Fame comes a report from the New York Daily News that Barry Bonds tested positive for amphetamines last season.

Barry Bonds Bonds

Baseball fans who blog lost no time in confirming their dislike for the San Francisco Giants slugger.

Friends With Managers
If the recent Hall of Fame voting shows anything, this will be a lifetime lock-out from the hall for Bonds. McGwire never tested positive for steroids, yet a late-career offensive spike coupled with an embarrassing Congressional hearing in March 2005 and a stone-cold, media silence since then has caused Big Mac to be presumed guilty until found innocent. Read more

California Conservative
As a lifelong fan, I'm appalled with Bonds' actions but I'm sickened by his total unwillingness to accept responsibility for anything he's ever done. That isn't what real men do. That's what total losers do. Read more

i got issues
This league is mired in this mess because of their heretofore lacking drug policy. Read more

The Buried Lead
A drug test with no bite. Only in Major League Baseball. Read more

Busted Play
Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa -- all of them. They should all be out of the Hall of Fame, at least until they admit it. Or at least stop blaming everyone else. Somewhere, Jose Canseco is smiling right now. Read more

Sons of Steve Garvey
That is cold, Barry. Fail a test for greenies and blame it on a guy making $850,000 (to your $19,331,470)? This incident should ensure a pleasant clubhouse atmosphere for the Giants next season. Read more

Toon Refugee
Check out the Barry Bonds Bobblehead: Amphetamine Edition

The Trolley Dodger
The indictment clock is still ticking, and the ticking is getting louder. Read more

Steroid List .com
I'd imagine there were a lot of positive tests last season that we'll never hear about. The bigger story here is that Bonds called out his teammate and one of his biggest supporters, Mark Sweeney. This reeks of Raffy Palmeiro throwing Miguel Tejada under the bus. Read more

Metroblogging San Francisco
Looking forward to another season of joy and warmth in the Giants clubhouse! Unless, of course, the team seizes this opportunity to tell Bonds -- whose $16 million one-year contract has still not been finalized -- to go jump in the bay. Read more