Chat Archive: ''That's Debatable''


January Debates:
January 8: Is Andre Dawson a Hall of Famer or not? (Tim Kurkjian)
January 7: Is Bert Blyleven a Hall of Famer or not? (Jim Caple)
January 6: Is Lee Smith a Hall of Famer or not? (Jayson Stark)


December Debates:
December 15: Is Peavy a product of Petco Park? (Rob Neyer)

October Debates:
October 22: Phillies or Rays? (Jerry Crasnick)
October 10: Which team wins the ALCS? (Jerry Crasnick)
October 9: Who'll win the NLCS? (Amy Nelson)

September Debates:
September 22: AL MVP? (Jerry Crasnick)
September 15: Cubs-Astros in Milwaukee? (Amy Nelson)
September 8: Who wins the AL? (Jayson Stark)

August Debates:
August 25: Which team has the best rotation? (Jayson Stark)
August 20: Who should be NL MVP? (Rob Neyer)
August 11: Who should be AL MVP? (Jayson Stark)
August 5: Who will win the AL Central: Chicago, Minnesota, or Detroit? (Jerry Crasnick)

July Debates:
July 29: What would you do if you were Theo Epstein? (Jerry Crasnick)
July 21: Who is going to win the NL East? (Jayson Stark)
July 7: Which NL Central team is the best: the Cubs, Brewers, or Cardinals? (Jayson Stark)

June Debates:
June 30: Are the Rays really the best team in baseball? (Jayson Stark)
June 23: Is Curt Schulling a Hall of Famer? (Jayson Stark)
June 9: Who's better right now, the Cubs or the White Sox? (Jerry Crasnick)
June 2: Who's had the greater career: Manny Ramirez or Ken Griffey Jr.? (Jayson Stark)

May Debates:
May 27: Which team is more of a disappointment, the Mets or the Tigers? (Jerry Crasnick)
May 19: Is the American League or the National League better? (Jayson Stark)
May 12: Which Florida team will have a better record at seasons end? (Jayson Stark)

April Debates:
April 21: Bullpen or rotation for Joba Chamberlain? (Jayson Stark)
April 14: Does MLB need instant replay? (Jayson Stark)
April 7: Should the Rockies or Tigers be worried? (Jayson Stark)