Guillen slams White Sox

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen called out his team in an expletive-laden postgame press conference after watching the Sox blow a five-run lead as the Detroit Tigers scored 12 unanswered runs to win 12-5 on Saturday night.

Guillen was not as upset about the loss as he was about the team watching college football in the clubhouse like nothing had happened immediately after the come-from-behind bashing.

"If they think the season's over for them, yes," Guillen said. "If they think it's over for me, no. I want to make it clear: There's a bunch of [expletives] out there watching football games like a piece of [expletive] with no pride. By the way they [expletive] play, that's embarrassing. If you don't have pride about the way you play, get another job.

"I'm not in a pennant race, but at least I have some pride. When you get [to the clubhouse] and turn on a stupid-ass football game when those [expletive] football players don't give a [expletive] about you, that's embarrassing. We've got seven games [left]. They are going to pull their [expletive] together, period. I don't mind losing a game, but when you lose a game and you don't care about it, we are going to have a problem. To get your asses kicked like that and all of a sudden, you're watching football games? That's a bunch of [expletive]."

Team captain Paul Konerko said he believes Guillen misunderstood the players' reaction after the game.

"The televisions were on already when we came in the locker room," Konerko said. "No player turned them on. I'm all for no TV, no music, no kids across the board when we lose, so I really understand."

Guillen's postgame feed is put on the JumboTron at U.S. Cellular Field for the fans to watch as they're leaving the ballpark after the game. When Guillen began to erupt, the feed was pulled.

Bruce Levine covers baseball for ESPNChicago.com.