Sox say no to Guillen Web site

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen may be keeping his Twitter and Facebook accounts, but he said the Sox have nixed his proposed Web site.

Guillen told reporters on Thursday that members of the Chicago front office shot down the idea of Guillen having his own Web site.

"It was something we tried to do, and Major League Baseball was going to help us," Guillen said. "All of a sudden the front-office people didn't want to have me in the middle of stuff, and I have to respect that."

The White Sox are participating in a behind-the-scenes reality show which will begin airing in July on MLB Network. White Sox Vice President of Communications Scott Reifert told the Chicago Sun-Times the concerns about the Web site didn't come from his office.

General manager Ken Williams sent a text message to the Sun-Times, "Don't ask me another question about Twitter, websites [sic], blog, radio shows, non [sic] of that [stuff]. All I care about is players playing, coaches coaching and managers managing. If they do that and do it well, we got no problems, but if they don't ..."

Guillen told the Sun-Times he wanted the Web site was to reach Sox fans, including those in his native Venezuela.

"It was a personal thing I was going to talk about baseball on," Guillen said. "It was going to be involved with Major League Baseball. The White Sox weren't comfortable with me doing it, they didn't say no, but they weren't comfortable. That's why I backed off."

Guillen told the Sun-Times his outspoken nature may have played a part in the White Sox's decision.

"I think nothing is going to interrupt with this [job managing the Sox]," Guillen said. "I'm going to stay away from that at least for now and move on with my job."

ESPNChicago.com baseball reporter Bruce Levine contributed to this story