Report: Guillen could have been dealt

Chicago White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said he would have allowed manager Ozzie Guillen to go to the Marlins if Florida would have sent back a particular player, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

''The Marlins asked for permission to talk to Ozzie, and we told them we'd let Ozzie go if they gave us a particular player,'' Reinsdorf told the Sun-Times. ''But we knew they couldn't give us the player.''

Reinsdorf wouldn't identify the player, although he refuted a previous Sun-Times report that the player was Mike Stanton.

''We were never going to let Ozzie go," Reinsdorf told the paper, "but if they would have given us this particular player, I would have let anybody go. ... Everybody is available at a price. The only player I had that wasn't available was Michael Jordan.''

Reinsdorf went on to say that despite the season-long rift between Guillen and general manager Ken Williams, he was never given an ultimatum to choose between the two.