A.J. Pierzynski talking to several teams

Free agent catcher A.J. Pierzynski said he's talking to several teams, but he remains open to the possibility of returning to the Chicago White Sox.

"We're talking to the White Sox and some other teams," Pierzynski said Tuesday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "We're trying to get the best deal, and go from there.

"Everyone knows the White Sox would be right up there as my first choice, with all that I've been through in the city and with the people and everything, so hopefully we can get something worked out. But we'll see what happens."

The Sox offered arbitration to Paul Konerko and J.J. Putz, but not to Pierzynski, who was not offended.

"It's the way the system works," he said. "Look at a guy like Derek Jeter [who's going through messy negotiations with the New York Yankees]. You'd think Derek Jeter would just be signed back, and he's done a lot more for the Yankees than I have for the White Sox. He's been there a lot longer, and he's the captain and has done all these great things and everyone associates with him.

"It's nice that the White Sox are talking to me, and they've shown some interest that they want to bring me back, and that's all I can ask for. I know the business side of it. I know how it works. Both sides have to be agreeable to something that will work and help the team build for the future, not only for this year."

The White Sox have to decide whether it's time to promote Tyler Flowers to a full-time starting position. The 24-year-old played in just eight games in the big leagues last season. But Sox management is considered optimistic about Flowers.

"I've always said I want to play every day, obviously," Pierzynski said. "Everyone who knows me knows I like to run out there every day and play. I don't like to have days off. I like to play, and as long as I'm healthy I'll run out there. That's not an issue.

"The money thing will work itself out. I don't want to break the bank. I don't need to break the bank. I've had a great career and made more money than I thought I would, but at the same time, you always want to get top dollar for your services. It's a combination of both, and in the end it will work itself out if it's meant to be."

Pierzynski is hoping to have his situation settled in the near future.

"Everyone would like to know sooner than later, including myself, but it just has to play out," he said. "There are moves being made and things happening, and we're talking to a bunch of teams and we're trying to figure this out.

"In the end, you have to find a team you feel comfortable with and you feel like it is a good fit and you feel like I would like -- and my family would like -- going there. It's not an easy decision no matter what. It's tough. You have so many loyalties to this or so much loyalty to that. It makes it not an easy thing. It's something every player goes through. You fight the fight of what should I do, and it's hard to come up with the right answer."