Sox not sweating Jake Peavy setback

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Jake Peavy still isn't expected to be on the Opening Day roster, and yet the Chicago White Sox were extremely encouraged Wednesday.

General manager Kenny Williams said from his suite during Wednesday's game against the Dodgers that Peavy is experiencing nothing more than the blip on the radar that was first anticipated when spring training began more than a month ago.

Eight months removed from surgery to reattach his latissimus dorsi muscle, Peavy had an MRI on the repaired area, showing no structural damage after an examination Wednesday from Anthony Romeo, the surgeon who performed Peavy's procedure. On top of that, Peavy's rotator cuff tendinitis is subsiding.

"This is basically a guy who has worked his tail off to get back to a point to where he can start the season with us," Williams said. "Obviously, that's in jeopardy right now. To a large degree, we're going to listen to Jake and the doctors structurally have said there is no problem, no worry about the lat being detached again."

Peavy has been extremely patient giving daily updates of his status, but he is growing tired of the perception that he has been careless during his recovery period, or that he lied to the White Sox's medical staff in order to keep pitching.

"I have told these guys everything I feel in my body and let the guys that are more educated on the subject make the decisions," Peavy said. "That's what happened and every decision that has been made has been a consolidation of all of us put together."

In that sense, Peavy appeared vindicated that not only is his current setback not deemed serious but that it was actually expected by doctors.

"We've been treating it and getting some good meds in," Peavy said about the anti-inflammatory medication he has been taking. "Hopefully we can calm this thing down and I can get on a mound by the weekend and be without any discomfort and be able to climb. Where this takes us I don't know but that's kind of the game plan now."

Williams said he has no problem with the lines of communication and is satisfied that all parties have been up front during all phases of Peavy's recovery.

"Again, it was anticipated," Williams said about Peavy's current situation. "So in that anticipation, I'm still very encouraged that we're ahead of the curve. We are ahead of where we thought we would be. ... I'm a little disappointed in the play that it's gotten because I've tried to warn everybody from the outset we were looking at a blip that was going to come at some point in time. So in my mind, we never stopped planning for that."

One thing Williams was vague about was a timetable for Peavy's return.

"I continue to be surprised that we had the opportunity to get him out there a lot sooner than we [expected]," Williams said. "But what we want is to keep a mindset toward the player first, and the club. This is not an Ozzie Guillen decision or a Don Cooper decision. I will take my guidance from the doctors, medical staff and Jake."

Doug Padilla covers the White Sox for ESPNChicago.com.