Wayne Gretzky happy about son's future

As Trevor Gretzky prepares to meet next week with the Chicago Cubs, who took him Tuesday in the MLB draft, his famous father is just glad Trevor is not preparing for the NHL draft.

"He didn't need the pressure of being my son [and playing in the NHL]," Wayne Gretzky said Friday on ESPN 1000's "The Waddle & Silvy Show." "And that's why I've always admired what Brett Hull did and how great a career he had, being Bobby Hull's son.

"It's a tough grind for those kids, for any youngster. So when he chose baseball at a young age, I'm a huge baseball fan and I loved going to his games and watching baseball. And being in California, that's what kids should be playing -- baseball. I'm thrilled he's a baseball player and not a hockey player."

While the Great One was happy with his son's decision on sports, he isn't sure whether Trevor -- a first baseman -- will sign with the Cubs or play for Tony Gwynn at San Diego State.

"I think for every child it's different," Gretzky said. "For some kids the college route is the right way to go, and for other kids, turning professional is the right way to go.

"We'll sit down here as a family, talk about the pros and cons of each direction. But it's pretty tough for two parents, one [Janet Jones] who turned pro as a 17-year-old dancer, and started her professional career, and a father who turned pro at 17 to pursue a hockey career ... pretty tough for us to talk about how great college would be when we both turned pro at such a young age. But he's a little bit different than we are, and he's a good student."

Trevor's friendship with Christian Yelich, who was the Florida Marlins' first pick last season, also could influence his decision. Yelich is playing Class A ball for Carolina.

"I know Christian talked highly about how much fun he's having and how much he's enjoying playing 'A' ball," Gretzky said. "So I think he's going to weigh his options, and I don't think he's leaning either way. I think he likes both scenarios right now and is excited about both possibilities.

"But the Cubs organization is one of the best organizations in baseball. They've been really good to him the last couple of days, and I know he's excited to sit down and talk to the Cubs next week."

That doesn't mean Trevor Gretzky has ruled out attending college.

"Right now he's more excited about the Cubs scenario, because that's a little bit more fresh in his mind, and he's a typical 18-year-old," he said. "But San Diego State and Tony Gwynn have been great to him all season long, and I know he likes their school and organization.

"But ultimately his goal is to become a professional baseball player and as I told him, he has to sit down and talk to people who have been through both scenarios."