Sundae: 3 pounds, 12 scoops, $17

The Chicago White Sox are supersizing a ballpark classic this season, announcing Wednesday that they will sell a 12-scoop banana split sundae served in a full-size batting helmet.

The sundae's foundation is four scoops each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. It comes drizzled with caramel, strawberry sauce and chocolate syrup, and includes two bananas, whipped cream and cherries. It will weigh about 3 pounds and cost $17.

"It should feed a lot of people, and it comes in a hardy, helmet container that we think people will go home with and remember their time at the ballpark," said Brooks Boyer, the White Sox's senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Although the price for the sundae might seem excessive, Boyer said the cost is a value considering the amount of ice cream included and that it can be shared with others.

"I'm sure a couple fans are going to try to crush it alone, but we're hoping it's for a family," Boyer said. "That being said, we'll have something special for the first person who takes it down by themselves."

There was no word on the calorie count of the sundae, but it no doubt would disappoint first lady Michelle Obama, who speaks out against obesity and is a vocal advocate for healthy eating. President Barack Obama is an avid White Sox fan.

Going big at the concession stand, meanwhile, has become a trend throughout baseball in recent years.

Earlier this month, the Arizona Diamondbacks announced they will sell an 18-inch corndog for $25. The dog is stuffed with cheddar cheese, jalapenos and bacon and comes with a side of fries.

The Texas Rangers, meanwhile, are serving bacon on a stick -- a three-quarter-inch-thick piece of bacon that is Hungarian-smoked and dipped in maple syrup -- for $7. Fans also have the option of washing that down with a frozen beer -- served at 20.5 degrees Fahrenheit -- for $7.75.

Information from ESPNDallas.com's Richard Durrett was used in this report.