Cubs to fix Wrigley Field mural

This part of the mural at Wrigley Field actually commemorates a Comiskey Park memory when Charles Lindbergh was honored at the White Sox home park in 1927. Jon Greenberg for ESPN

CHICAGO -- There was no dumpster involved this time, but the Chicago Cubs found themselves involved in another viral gaffe this week when a historian noticed a Comiskey Park picture mis-identified as being taken at Wrigley Field in a mural commemorating 100 years of the Friendly Confines.

Floyd Sullivan, a Cubs blogger who doubles as a historian, wrote about a picture of Charles Lindbergh visiting Comiskey Park in 1927, the home of the White Sox, that was turned into a mural outside Wrigley.

As they say in the newspaper business, the Cubs regret the error.

"As part of our 100th birthday celebration, we've worked to source a significant number of photos from outside archives to highlight this wonderful milestone all season long," team spokesman Julian Green said. "Unfortunately, the photo featuring Charles Lindbergh was incorrectly labeled in a collection of historical photos we recently acquired for our Cubs archives. We are working to update the artwork and plan to have a new mural installed soon alongside the other great historic images on Waveland and Sheffield."

The Cubs have adorned walls outside Wrigley with historical pictures as part of the 100th anniversary of the stadium.

Sullivan, who was waiting to enter Wrigley for the 100th birthday game to get his free Chicago Federals jersey, wrote that he immediately noticed the erroneously labeled shot because, as chance would have it, he just finished editing a book about old Comiskey Park. The shot was clearly Comiskey. Well, clearly to him anyway.

The Lindbergh picture is grouped with other historical figures visiting Wrigley such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Ronald Reagan and Red Grange. It's located near the intersection of Waveland and Kenmore avenues.

The last gaffe of the Cubs' 100th anniversary "party of the century" came last month when a Reddit user posted pictures of an uneaten Wrigley Field "birthday cake" designed by the "Cake Boss" in a Field Museum dumpster.