Cubs protest after umpires insist on continuing game amid Wrigley outage

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Cubs played Monday's 4-2 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers under protest after several lights went out at Wrigley Field, though the umpires insisted on continuing play.

With the Cubs hitting in the bottom of the sixth inning and storms in the area, there were several power bursts that caused a few lights to go out. After a 10-minute delay and several conversations between the umpires and both managers, the game was continued, but not before Cubs manager Joe Maddon indicated his team would play under protest. A few minutes later, all the lights went back on.

"I didn't like the idea that we had to play against a guy that is really, really, really, really good," Maddon said. "And you have to see spin and you have to read everything. I did not like the fact that we had to go out and play without all the lights on. Just be a little more patient and wait for the lights to go on."

The Cubs were leading 2-1 at the time of the delay.

"Originally they said I could not protest it," Maddon said. "I kept banging on it because you can't protest a judgment call. That's not a judgment call."

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw wasn't thrilled with the delay. At one point, he appeared to be arguing with Maddon, and he became irritated with the umpires as the delay dragged on. Kershaw threw one warm-up pitch before play resumed. He walked Kris Bryant but got out of the inning without allowing a run.

"I just wanted them to say, 'Hey, get off the field,' or, 'Hey, the game's going to start,'" Kershaw said. "Standing around for 10 minutes, my legs were getting heavy, so I wanted an answer. Obviously, I wanted it to keep going, but if they were going to wait for however long, just tell me and I'll go sit down. I don't know if Joe was trying to do that on purpose or what. It didn't really affect me, but it was a good idea.

"... I hope they win their protest."

ESPNLosAngeles.com's Mark Saxon contributed to this report.